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1 Maxus Drago

Awesome! It must be very strong! Bakugans are awesome. I mostly get bakugan just to collect them. I have Dragoniod Collusos and he might be able to pwn Maxus Drago!

I don't know a lot but I know that he is the very best I could bet anyone anything against bakugan and surely he will totally beat him so bad you will go crying to your mama

Best of all I have ever seen you have to do a little bit more than a week

Maxus drago is cool I don't know why ultimate drago isn't on the list those two are my favorite

2 Silent Naga

He is the best people!

He just awesome nothing about it I'm a game tester so I got his darkus form like I requested he is just strong.

My 900g Akwimos can kick his but easy with my battle gear. Let's see u me battle.

Silent naga! silent naga

3 Alfa Hydranoid

Oh yeah! My old partner in crime and me could never be beaten. Even up into Gundalian Invaders, I still was on a very good winning streak. Nowadays, I have lost him and I have went down to a Dual Hydranoid that I got from Korea for Christmas. I'm trying to get him back by getting a job. Then, my winning streak will continue!

The most awesome Bakugan I have ever seen, I especially like the ways his teeth stick out, the armored plates, and not to forget, three heads!

Not even how you spell alpha but whatever

He just is gangster

4 Wavern

Wavern is the girl naga she must be so powerful

Wavers can beat hydranoid

Major choke alert

I mean wavern

5 Storm Skyress

The best bakugan in the world like the best best best best best best best best storm skyress

She is the strongest bakugan

Best Bakugan By character and design

Really good. Got real power. Plus shun's judgement

6 Hammer Gorem

Hammer gorem is one of the strongest bakugan ever I used him against alpha hydranoid completely destroyed him never will I ever get rid of hammer gorem

7 Blade Tigrerra

She is the best among these bakugans as she is animal typed

Tigrerra should be the second strongest anyway I have a water element of the tigrrera

She is the strongest female bakugan,so she should be on top

It is the best of all I do not now why they put it at the bottom proboly beacase it is to awesome

8 Drago

He looks really cool in the bakugan movie. Wow, when he landed on the gate card he just spins and gives a one hit K. O attack and the enemy was knocked out cold and mouth was gaping.

He is easily n.o 1 and I think titanium drago is the best

Drago is really strong and I have Drago and when he goes on a gate card he opens up and spins. I defeated my brothers' blade tigrerra only 5 times because I had better gate cards and ability cards. If you want to battle me well good luck!

Drago is op

9 Maxus Helios

Its super cool.
It helped me to win from each and every bakuubrawler. Buy it!

My mom owns you laugh out loud maxus helios will own maxus drago easily go maxus helio

Spectra Phantom is god

Drago never beat him

10 Fusion Drago

He is strongest bakugan his body is connected to the perfect core if it has infinity core and silent core it can destroy all the bakugans apollonir will give its power to protect bakugans from dragonoid destroyer

It is the coolest transformation of drago

Has power of all 6 attributed so is the strongest with G power over 25000, spouse ability card, he is truly #1

I looked on YouTube once and it showed that fusion dragonoid is the last evolution of drago.

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11 Angelo/Diablo Preyas

Though he's not the strongest, he definitely is super cool. I mean, a 2 in 1 bakugan? Haos and Pyrus? It doesn't get cooler than that.

12 Dharak

He is simply the best

Phantom dharak is the best he can crush the others

I have him. Super cool!

I reacon he's the best as well I will be getting Dharak soon he looks so cool

13 Evolved Razenoid

Coolest bakugan because one day I will get razenoid but aquos

14 Helios

Drago's best arch enemies of the entire franchise, who eventually evolves into one of Drago's best friends.
Just a beautiful story telling device.
Also it was when they kept things (fairly) simple: traps and battle gears.
And he comes back as a Darkus bakugan which is a cool and unexpected change, which seems odd at first for spectra but makes complete sense for helios

Come on guys he gave drago a hard time he deserves to be up ther

Specktrum is op (over powered

Rek much Bishess

15 Preyas

He is the best. I know this because he can switch modes into dark, water and earth. It can get an advantage against a fire type, wind type and light type oh yeah.


16 Omega Leonidas

Omega Leonidas is broken. Could easily defeat Dragonoid Colossus with the Infinity and Silent Cores

Omega Leonidas is my first and official partner

OMEGA I mean isn't that a sick first part of a name

He's good and all but he only has one move

17 Fusion Dragonoid

It is strongest bakugan

18 Mercury Drago
19 Aeroblitz

Its dragos best evolution he is the strongest

He is combination of Fusion Dragoniod and Haos Reptak he alongside the others beat Mechtavius Destroyer

20 Falconeer

Birds rock

21 Titanium Dragonoid

I think he's super power and he's the evolution before Dragonoid Maximus.

He's even defeated Titan Nillious.

He 's definitely cool

I mean just look at him he can summon a mechtagon at any time and even a mitigation titan plus he is stronger than fusion dragonoid and he looks amazing

He is the strongest bagukan ever because he has the strongest moves

He's drago's second last evolution
He's awesome

22 Apollonir

Apollonir is a legend and he defeated drago in battle hence most powerful ever

He is one of the six great bakugan
And he can beat drago

He is the strongest dragonoid before Drago came along. I mean, that just automatacally puts him at least in the position of the top 10.

Bakugan triuu

23 Serpenoid Serpenoid Product Image

Serpenoid is a good bakugan I like him because he is a snake and a snake is my favorite animal. I use him under pyrus ventrus and aquos attributes. He squeezes his opponent until they die.

24 Dragonoid Colossus

He can summon a barrier that can stop nuclear explosions. DAAM!


25 Helix Drago
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