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41 Farbros

A very powerful marvel of engineering and technology as well as raw bakugan might and fire attributed power. Farbros is one of the most powerful of the mechanical bakugan and should be feared by all others in the realms.

A vertually unbeatble machine able to combine with the alternative and has an ultimate form.

42 Tentaclear V 2 Comments
43 Fourtress
44 Delta Drago

I have delta drago and he is the best in the world. This kid said he could defeat me well he was wrong I defeated his Wavern 1 shot along with his backup bakugan aquas Prayas, Diablo, and Angelo. This bakugan is beast. I'm first braler.

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45 Ultra Drago
46 Cross Drago
47 Knight Percival
48 Frosch
49 Hydranoid

He is the greatest bakugan ever, but did not put him in the top ten?

50 Liam
51 White Naga
52 Dual Hydranoid
53 Longfly

This bakugun is the best because:
It has 1100g
He is strong against other types
He is my second bakugan

54 Strikeflier
55 Pyrus Helios
56 Midnight Percival
57 Terrorclaw
58 Darkus Razenoid
59 Orbeum
60 Blitz Dragonoid

He is the strongest bakugan in history why is he so low in the list

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