10 Best Ballroom Dances


The Top Ten

1 Jive

...Is actually a Latin and not a Ballroom dance, but nevertheless a great, feel-good dance. My second favourite after the Charleston. - Britgirl

2 Viennese Waltz
3 Samba
4 Argentine Tango

I love the intricate footwork of the Argentine Tango, so dramatic!

For years watching Strictly Come Dancing, I was hoping that The Phantom Of The Opera would be danced to the Tango or the Paso Doble. Wasn't expecting to see it performed so powerfully beautiful to the Argentine Tango. It took my breath away. The romance of it never once watered-down the masculinity of the Phantom. It was just...well, if I can find the right adjective, I'll revisit this list but for now, there really are no words to describe such perfection.
PS - the Argentine Tango is a Latin dance. - Britgirl

5 Quickstep

Very fast and light. It's beautiful to watch - as long as it accompanies the right music. I've just seen it dance to Going Underground by The Jam. It just looked...so...wrong. - Britgirl

6 Cha-Cha

...Is actually Latin and not ballroom, as is the Paso, Argentine Tango and Samba. The best ballroom dance by far is the Quickstep - although it has a Charleston section, which is, in fact, Latin. Go figure. - Britgirl

7 Jitterbug
8 Mambo
9 Paso Doble

So sharp and edgy

10 Foxtrot

My all-time favourite ballroom dance. Romantic; fun and friendly. A dance where you can glide around the whole of the ballroom. - Britgirl

The Contenders

11 Lindy Hop
12 East Coast Swing
13 American Smooth
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