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1 If I Die Young If I Die Young

This was the first song that I ever heard them sing and after that I just fell in love with them and I think Kimberly is so beautiful, smart, and pretty I love you Kimberly.

This song really has a meaning... Hats off to band perry!

Love it! Awesome concert in Charlotte

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2 Postcard from Paris Postcard from Paris V 1 Comment
3 Miss You Being Gone Miss You Being Gone
4 Quittin' You Quittin' You
5 Walk Me Down the Middle Walk Me Down the Middle
6 Done Done

I like this song cause it has a good beat to it like the guitar beat it's really good.

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7 Hip to My Heart Hip to My Heart
8 Don't Let Me Be Lonely Don't Let Me Be Lonely

Really catchy song. This should be at Top 3. I love this song and it's really stuck in my head.

9 Better Dig Two Better Dig Two
10 You Lie You Lie

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11 Double Heart Double Heart
12 All Your Life All Your Life
13 Chainsaw Chainsaw
14 Live Forever Live Forever
15 Independence Independence
16 Lasso Lasso
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