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41 Them
42 MC5

These guys along with Iggy Pop and the Stooges completely destroyed almost every band they came across just like The Who did to the Rolling Stones! Apparently from what's going around they played so awesome that the more popular band Cream felt like they were 1-upped. Who do you think would win though, 1970s' Who, or MC5?

43 Steppenwolf Steppenwolf Steppenwolf is a Canadian-American rock group that was prominent from 1968 to 1972. The group was formed in late 1961 in Toronto by vocalist John Kay, keyboardist Goldy McJohn, and drummer Jerry Edmonton.

This list is a joke if Steppenwolf isn't on it. They have one thing that almost no other bands from the 60s has 2 immortal songs: Born to Be Wild and Magic Carpet ride. I mean everyone has at least heard one of those two song once in their life and if you think you haven't look them up and you'll find that you have.

They made the 60s look like how we look at it today, hard rock and psychedelic

Steppenwolf is kinda underrated in this list.

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44 Vanilla Fudge Vanilla Fudge
45 Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac are a British-American rock band formed in July 1967, in London. The band have sold more than 100 million records worldwide, making them one of the best-selling bands of all time.

One top hit album and they are considered? Well, yes

Stevie Nicks knocked it out of the arena! Loved their concerts.

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46 Buffalo Springfield Buffalo Springfield Buffalo Springfield was an American-Canadian rock band, formed in Los Angeles in 1966. Their original lineup included Stephen Stills, Dewey Martin, Bruce Palmer, Richie Furay, and Neil Young.

Haha the only song anyone remembers is "For What It's Worth". It's even on Forrest Gump.

They were great with there song stop hey whats that sound

The song was called "For What It's Worth".

47 Gary Puckett and The Union Gap

Come on guys Gary puckett, s got to be the best male vocal of the 60s awesome.

48 The Jackson 5 The Jackson 5 The Jackson 5, or Jackson Five, also known as The Jacksons in later years, is an American popular music group. Formed in 1963 under the name the Jackson Brothers, the founding members were Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, and Marlon.

Come on! Is this a joke? Who was The Jackson 5 in the sixties? Even if they existed nobody cared back then. They were just a minor act of the Motown group.

Michael Jackson Best King Of Pop

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49 Three Dog Night

They had so many hits on the radio, True American early 60, s band should be high on the list.. One of my favorite bands as a kid...

Too many hits to list but my favorites were Eli's Coming/Mama told me not to Come/One/Joy to the World...

They need to be top 30!

I love This Band The Songs are Soothing I love One Joy To the World Shambala An Old Fashioned Love song and Black and White I was Lucky to meet Jimmy Cory and Chuck on FB; They are so Sweet! I am Shocked to Hear about Cory He was so Kind and Sweet and was Kind Hearted

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50 Grass Roots

I loved this band. Top 20 on my list. Rob Grill was an awesome lead singer! They really had their own sound. R.I.P Rob Grill 2011.

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51 Gary Lewis and the Playboys

They are not an all time band for sure but for 2 years they had some great singles like Green Grass, She's Just My Style, Count Me In and especially This Diamond Ring, which can go toe to toe with any other great songs from the 60s.

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52 Blood, Sweat & Tears

This band and Chicago I just loved. They were my favorite instrumental groups. Also, the lead singer for Blood, Sweat & Tears, was excellent. I don't know his name. Where can I find it? Where can I hear a recording?

I think of this band's sound when I think of the late 60's.

David Clayton Thomas was the lead singer...

53 Paul Revere and The Raiders

A great novelty band, but their hit songs speak for themselves. Should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of fame. RIP Paul.

Should be much higher than this.

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54 Chicago

Great musicians

Instrumental and lyrical geniuses!

55 The Moody Blues The Moody Blues The Moody Blues are an English rock band. They first came to prominence playing rhythm and blues music, but their second album, Days of Future Passed, which was released in 1967, was a fusion of rock with classical music and established them as pioneers in the development of art rock and progressive more.

A great emotional band, they produced some great music.

Blue world ever think you may be in a masonic story?

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56 Status Quo Status Quo

Pictures of Matchstick Men was a number 1 hit in 60s. Admittedly, most of their best material was in the 70s, but they started over 50 years ago and still going (just)! Should be in top 20.

This must be a British poll.

Sold more records/cd's than either The Beatles or The Stones. Gotta be worth something?

57 Gerry and The Pacemakers

Only other Liverpool group to rival The Fab Four.

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58 Traffic Traffic

They surely deserved better placement

59 The Band The Band The Band was a Canadian-American roots rock group formed in 1965 . Which originally consisting of Rick Danko (bass guitar, double bass, fiddle, vocals), Levon Helm (drums, mandolin, guitar, vocals), Garth Hudson (keyboards, saxophones, trumpet), Richard Manuel (piano, drums, vocals) and Robbie Robertson more.

The kid is right! If you haven't listened to The Band yet, you have really missed out. I was lucky enough to see them in 1974 when they toured with Dylan. The tightest rock band in the business. They traded off the vocals like nobody else in rock and roll. And then there is the organist, Garth Hudson, a one of a kind!

This one deserves number 1 it is really an amazing band respected by all musicians, bob dylan, eric clapton,.. When you listen to them and you hear the lyrics, they are really meaningfull and when you add epic guitar solos, fantastic piano, organ,.. And AMAZING vocals I'm not only speaking about levon helm and rick danko butt also about richard manuel, who has really the best voice that I EVER heard! They have to be number 1 please vote for them they are really amazing! If you are scrolling down and reading this and don't know who they are search on YouTube! Respect for te band! And rip Levon, Rick and Richard! Sorry if my English was bad I'm a Belgian, 14 year old boy!

Best roots rock band ever. just listen to the brown album

The Weight, best song ever!

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60 Slade Slade

Slade is no way a 60's band but I love them anyway!

Their first album came out in 1969 ( then under the name " Ambrose Slade " ). Before that they were called " The In-Be-Tweens " and made some singles under that name. But besides those facts I concider them as a 70's band.

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