Best Bands that Don't Exist

Listen to the names of these bands and try to imagine what they sound like. One of these names might even inspire you to start a band! Just imagine.

The Top Ten

1 Lacking Oxygen

Best heavy metal band of all times

2 Optical Zoo

The singer is sweedish and the guitarist is the edge. There music has changed music history forever. There music is very alternative and sounds a lot like Radiohead.

3 Blue Bacon

Mix Linkin Park, Led Zeppllin and Heart. It's Blue Bacon

4 Reptile Tree

This girls started a new kind of rock and roll.

5 Moe the Motor and Mr. Magpie

They started at 4 years old!

6 Orange Bluejay

Very chesse lyrics but good band.

7 TV Toes
8 Mirage

This guys made diffrent types of guitars and played notes that were never played before.

9 Gizer Bandit

If queen and Tokio Hotel had a kid, this is what you'd get.

10 Killing Bieber

Take a song by Justin Bieber. Make it the exact opposite and make it 5 times better, you have Killing Bieber!

The Contenders

11 Picrimushyenesis

Combine all the best prog rock bands like Pink Floyd, king crimson, rush, yes, and genesis and you get this.

That's the best thing ever. - SammySpore

12 Black Dragon

When it does exist in maybe 10 years it will rock the world yeah

13 Ebola Surfers
14 Genysis Unloaded
15 This Band Doesn't Exist
16 Dead End
17 Rubber
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