Best Bands from New Zealand


The Top Ten

1 Shihad
2 Split Enz

The quality and quantity of the Finn brothers song writing puts all other NZ bands in the shade. - Tamatu

3 Crowded House

So awesome what a band
one of the few bands that could do alternative stuff and still be considered "Lovely" by 40 year old mums everywhere - JasperB

This band produced timeless song after timeless song that stand the test of time. - crowdiegal

Can't put Shihad ahead of Crowded House, Crowded House have a way more epic history.

4 Tall Dwarfs

You have missed some amazing music if you are not familiar with these bands

5 The Skeptics
6 Supergroove
7 Fat Freddy's Drop
8 Th' Dudes

Can't believe this needed to be added, musical gold for that time

9 Elemeno P

Awesome band, check out 'Urban Getaway', makes me feel good whenever I hear it.

10 Flight of the Conchords

Such a great comedic duo. they even got their own Tv show!

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The Contenders

11 Evermore

Dude there new single is great underground YEAAA

12 Steriogram
13 Exponents
14 Rapture Ruckus
15 OMC

Some Songs Are Awesome

16 The Naked & Famous
17 The Have

The band whih brought you the cracking song 'the fuzz' and they don't even get on the top 10. Give me a break.

18 Midnight Youth
19 Six60
20 The Checks

Love the style of this band
Very accomplished musicians
Wishing you the best from Seattle!

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