Best Bands from New Zealand


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1 Shihad
2 Split Enz

The quality and quantity of the Finn brothers song writing puts all other NZ bands in the shade. - Tamatu

3 Crowded House

So awesome what a band
one of the few bands that could do alternative stuff and still be considered "Lovely" by 40 year old mums everywhere - JasperB

This band produced timeless song after timeless song that stand the test of time. - crowdiegal

Can't put Shihad ahead of Crowded House, Crowded House have a way more epic history.


4 Tall Dwarfs

You have missed some amazing music if you are not familiar with these bands

5 Supergroove
6 The Skeptics
7 Fat Freddy's Drop
8 Th' Dudes

Can't believe this needed to be added, musical gold for that time

9 Elemeno P

Awesome band, check out 'Urban Getaway', makes me feel good whenever I hear it.

10 Flight of the Conchords

Such a great comedic duo. they even got their own Tv show!

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The Contenders

11 Evermore

Dude there new single is great underground YEAAA

12 Exponents
13 Steriogram
14 The Naked & Famous

The only NZ band I know and I live there
Great band by the way

16th place? really? these guys are so massively underrated.

15 Rapture Ruckus
16 OMC

Some Songs Are Awesome

17 Six60
18 Blindspott
19 The Have

The band whih brought you the cracking song 'the fuzz' and they don't even get on the top 10. Give me a break.

20 Midnight Youth
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