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21 Shahriar Hassan Autul (SIN)

One of the best rock drummer man he got groove!

Really good drummer young boy

Grove! One of the best rock drummer

The Best :') ❤

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22 Mushfique Imran (The Tree, Cry My Name)

Nothing to say about this guy! He is like a beast!

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23 Mark Don

I think mark don is a best drummer

He deserve a rank in top ten!

brutal drummer from trainwreck

24 Farshed Mahmud (Cryptic Fate)

Should be higher, his drumming beats are fast. pretty much jazz type of drummer, I mean was inspired by - zxm

25 Ahmed Akif Rahman (Helter-Skelter/Crusader)

Upcoming one of the best thrash metal drummers in the underground scenario.. He is very underrated and hardly very less number of people knows him. He is from Old-Dhaka... If you wanna watch him play, then here goes his YouTube channel's link then you will get to witness his beast mode drumming with his band Helter-Skelter and his ex band crozz

One of the best upcoming Metal drummers in the underground scenario.. Though he is very underrated but plays like a BEAST and is also a very nice Human being...

Best I have seen so far. Both As a human being and musician

How funny! He is on the list! Lmao.

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26 Rumi Rahman

Best session drummer of all time. - Banglar_dhol

He is known most versatile drummers... - Old_tomattoes2017

Best are always best...

Koolest...drummer...since now...

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27 Shishir Dutta

He is the best drummer is sylhet, his style of playing drum is different from others.

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28 Niaz Kamran Abir

No doubt... He is one of the best in Bangladesh... ! He's playing is inspiring... !

He's the best. Check him in YouTube guys

He's not one of the best..he is the BEST

After saju vai I like his playing and body language..
He is best

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29 M H A Joyy (ex Love Runs Blind)
30 Shafin Shironamhin
31 Dip Arindom (Live)
32 Eem (Cursed)

He is very young and talented and knows very good progression of drums. Not gonna compare but this guy can became the top one day!

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33 Enayet Khan (Halo)

He is the best. He has got unique style.

One of the best drummers ever

34 Rabiul Hasan (Metal Faith)
35 Samiul Islam (Powersurge)
36 Ironic Ash
37 Forkan (Flag Pole Damage)
38 Arsalan Mehboob (Echoes)

He is great.. One of the best drummers I've ever seen. I remember his TIGHT drumming in the Comic con with Echoes... He was Superb...

Mature strokes at its best!

Amazingly talented guitarist from an amazing band.

39 Model Arif Khan (Khaja Baba/WTL)
40 Ekram (Self Portrait)
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