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21 Abdullah Al Masud (LRB)

The best guitarist I have ever seen.

One of the best

He is the best

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22 Mushfiqur Rahman (Deadlock)
23 James (Nagarbaul)

Everyone plays guitar but, only I get a great feel only on james's playing because the perfection of blues as well as lead, only james have a signature tune, really he borns to lead not follow anyone, at last I would like to thanks the great, greater, and greatest blues master of bangladesh, no one can catch him or take the position or fill up the position, finally GURU...

Rockstar all the way, he sings great plays even better... James is legendary to say the least

Blues master in Bangladesh... Super rocking also... And awesome classical also... Rhythmic.. Mind blowing

Love his note selections, brilliant, crazy solos!

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24 Tanvir Tori

Awesome personality & best guitarist

Really he is a one of the best guitarist. I love this person

Big b like awesome guitarist.

I have no word to say, May Allah bless him.

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25 Xaf Rose (Live)

An extraordinary solo writer and a shredding guitarist...

It's not only about competing, it's about being loyal to what you're doing. Good luck m/

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26 Faiad Arfan (Nongar)

Nothing to say, Faiad bai legend of nongar history, best guitarist of bangaldesh

He is a living legend!

He is too good, totally wosoeme superb just rocking good, he cn play any solo with any genre, uncomparable talent...

He's the combination of hetfield & hammet..
He sings metalica songs & also play d solo..
O my! He's damn good... M/

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27 Piklu (ex-Aurthohin)

No one knows about Piklu bhai! But he is the best! Piklu & Choton bhai from jolly rozers! They rocked!

28 Intisar Iftee
29 Fuad Ibn Rabbi

Fuad was the first one to do rock and classical fusion. His grasp on guitar is amazing. His knowledge of East and West is beyond any of the guitarists I know (Till Emon). He truly is a genius.

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30 Nazim Uddin Zahed (Hemorrhage)

One of the best guitarist in chittagong

Definitely one of the best. Awesome melodic ideas

One of the best guitarist in Bangladesh

Zahed vai is the best guitarist I have ever seen... So much talented and friendly! Q

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31 Faisal Ahmed (Metal Maze)

He is pure talent

32 Iqbal Asif Jewel (Miles)

I'll not tell that he is THE best guitarist of Bangladesh.. But he is one of the four best guitarists of BD. Nobody but he is the only guitarist who dared to release an instrumental album where he shows what a great guitar genius he is...

This guy is one of the hidden unrecognized Jem of Bangladesh. Listen to his fusion city instrumental. Unbelievable melodious playing.

33 Rafsan (Minerva)

Awesome guitarist

Rafsan bhaya for the win!

He should be in the top ten.
His playing is too good

Nothing to say, just watch his playing style... For me, he is the 4the best guitarist in Bd..3rd is Maher Vai n 2and is ershad boss.. Don't need write the 1st name :P

34 Shaker Raza (Shunno)

He is going to be the best of the best!

I think he is a real lead guitarist so rocking

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35 Sahil Ahsan (Bridge 2 Armageddon)

His tone selection with his ltd. Is just mind blowing... And he also got dis perfectcy in plucking and fast chord selection... God going kiddo..!

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36 Mitul (Ovation)

Most of his playing blues genre but he wants to play neo classic...rock ragge eastern classical fusion by blues progression.but unfortunately no musician wants to play this kind of progression in our country.damm good guitarist on any style of playing.from his choice of point (blues), he is sacrifice his playing till today...maybe tomorrow...end of his life.

He is a real blues guitarist...

He is real guitar player.

Your best for blues playing

37 Rajib (Rong)

Overall he is an good guitarist... I like his arpeggio and alliterate picking...

Undoubtedly he is a great guitarist and a talented musician I ever seen..

I love you bro

My boss... he is the best ✌

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38 Shahidul Alam Sujon (Moruvumi)

A fastest talented guitarist. His solo and playing style is simply excellent!

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39 Ray Halder (Ultimation)

He s new but trust me this kid s gonna be in the top 10 in a few years from now...

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40 B Alam Shoyeb (Aukkhor)

He is left handed new bassist in Dhaka. He is very interested on his work. He also had a band named AUKKHOR. Everyone please pray for him and his team

This is Shoyeb. Left handed bassist in Dhaka. He is our new young star. He is very interested on his work besides of his study. He also had a band named AUKKHOR. Everybody pray for him & his team

This is Shoyeb. Left handed new bassist in Dhaka. He is our new young star. He had a band named AUKKHOR. Everybody please pray for him & his team

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