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81 Shahriar Hridoy (Aguntook)
82 Jisan Haider Joy (Mazik)

One of the greatest shredder of our country!

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83 Jubair (Air and Air)
84 James (Stentorian)

His phrasings are brilliant.

85 Emran ul Shifa (Sent Men Revolt) (Ex-Poizon Green)

The most amazing thresh metal guitarist of Bangladesh.

Number 1 Brutal guitarist in Bangladesh.

86 Jahid (Shadhok)

... Good going man... Keep Rocking.. !

87 Redwan Ahsanullah

He is just called the funky blues devil. Solo artist and enough to kill anyone with the slightest vibration of his tone.

88 Azizur Rahman Sagor

A K A shred lord, His one of those guitarist who does not pay any hid to any sort of criticisms. EX member of creature of judgement

Unique and Virtouso guitarist. Evryone calls him Shredlord. His technique blows everyones mind.

89 Abid Ahsan Rusho
90 Tushar Nion (U-tarn)

New adage from a new one!

It's simple rock with

Best boy of cord & rhythm!

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91 Mainu (Terondaj)

One of the best & joss guitarist in chittagong.

& technical guitarist
prove- recent track "KOTHA DAW by CURIOUS " solo part

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92 Aornob Chakma (Syl-X)
93 Sohan Haidar (Sustain)
94 Rajib Hossain (Obscure)
95 Pancham Pancham

Is It A List! Pancham in 122! Did You People Listen His Guitar Play? Joe Satrini Praised Pancham..!

96 Ismail Hossain
97 AMX (Bayanno)

The guitarist of the upcoming best rock band, Bayanno.. Influenced by all genres.. The one I saw how to make someone emotional with guitar just after head bangs.. Also a quite good guitar mentor.. Love him..

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98 Mushfiqur Rahman Dipto
99 Shadman Rajji Farzan Khan

Most wonderful friendly person we have meet ever

He is a new guitarist in Chittagon from Australia n a killer in his own styles
As far I seen him he plays guitar from his heart, follows his own style n creates awesome tunes. this boy is a multi talented in films, music, arts n beside in business n studies
Lot of pray for Shadman Rajji.
Go on dude

He is too good in jazz blues n death metal riff... but :p weak in bangla speaking.. Ha ha ha
Best of luck Rajji vaia

100 Fahad (Durbin)
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