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21 De Illumination

This band is the pioneer of symphonic metal. So it's a brave approach for them. And I really appreciate this band.

This band is really something special di/

Symphonic Metal! And The AngryMachine is here! Literally Sazzad Arefin is a great Guy One of The best Guitarist in Bangladesh No doubts!

Great band! Very creative

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22 Shunno Shunno

Shunno beyond doubt! Just let some more years pass by and you will see and know why they will be up there in the top

Shunno is a awesome band

Shunno a good pop rock band...

Shunno is the most talented band in Bangladesh. Too much creative, and their lyrics, the rhythms are just awesome. I like Emil vai and Labib and best wishes for Ishmamul.

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23 Cross Vein

Cross Vein...! You guys are AWESOME!

Just awesome in one word...

Sweet Energetic song maked by cross vein... Cross vein live long...

Such a wonderful track of Cross Vein that waz "Valobashar Bristy" datz meanz "BRISTY" oh my god wanna feel, wanna lyrix bro! ! ! Just amazing and awesome and really you guyzz r m/... Go ahead and amadr suprt always tmadr satha acha/ thakbe.. M/m/

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24 Ashes

Ashes is most popular band in Bangladesh

My favourite band...

Ashes is like a family among who wants to hear something about his pain which is stored in the heart. Ashes is not a band only it's a family it's a relation between music and pain. Finally,Zunayed Evan is the person who speaks to the ear of the people who wants to shut their life lamp down by music and says that it's only you who have the rights the receive your pain and it's you who has the right to give Love to them who gives you pains. ASHES A/

Awesome brand

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25 Nobo Jatri

Very much creative band. This is a heart throwing band for all. We all really wanna see this band on the top position. I wish every success for this band.

They are upcoming band, love their unreleased shopner desh

Nobo jatri is a young band but too much well


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26 Icons

They know their music, excellent guitar player so all the best and should be one of top.

Icons where are u, we just miss you

You were best of all and ishshoronio all time album in Bangladesh

Please come back

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27 KooR-E-DooR

Very much creative band. Best wishes for your journey guys. I have been hearing you for quite a good time. And you guys are really good...

New but totally unique... Always trying to do something different... Glad to see them in dis position... The combination between the members of this band is also good... & I think they are good enough to compete with any other bands in BD...

This kids got big potential... They will be the next top band like artcell or warfaze.. Good to see you guys making up in the top 20s.

Glad to see K-E-D here! Keep it up guys!

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28 Rock Strata

One of the Pioneers of Heavy Metal / Rock songs. Rockstrata, the band that started the Metal revolution in Bangladesh back in the mid 80s. With other similar bands like In Dhaka, Rock Brigade, Aces and Warfaze, Rockstrata started out in the late 80s and is still considered to be the first Metal band.

Real pioneers of hard rock in Bangladesh.

This band number 1 in Bangladesh

RS was the best at their time and still their album is the best for the composition, music and lyrics.

29 Deadlock Deadlock Deadlock is a German melodic death metal band from Schwarzenfeld, Bavaria, Germany. In 2010 they supported Lacuna Coil on tour.

It's a creative band! It's heavily influenced with lamb of god! - deadlock

30 C!rcle

Its simply awesome. The lyrics and instrument both are really cool.

Most promising band of the year. Like their own tunes and covers.

Save us blew me away, the rather quite intro and then this vintage heavy riff and the solo, my god!

C! RCLE is a post-grunge band from Dhaka, Bangladesh

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31 Silent Time

SILENT TIME s alternative rock band from Bangladesh. Our 1st release track is /janala & 2nd track is /sriti. Keep supporting...

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32 Lalon Band Lalon Band

Soul touching band... Creativity at its HEIGHT... The Singer, Bassist, Drummer, Rhythm Guitarist just gel together and the outcome is EXCEPTIONAL!

Love it! Just awesome!

Lalon band is rock

What a band.. Creativity at it BEST!
Best Ever Bangla Band till date!

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33 Ark

How this band in out of 100... Guyzz what happened to your ears... They should be in minimum top 5

Hasan is the different vocalist in Bd.

Hasan has tarrific voice.

The best...

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34 Orbachin

Go ahead orbachin, never look back, you owned a style and try to keep it to be one of the best, wish you luck forever to grab the success... ORBACHIN rocks

This is a awesome band...

Off maann did it... Will go far more!

Have a great joueney guyzz. m//

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35 Radioactive

They really know how to produce rock with sustainable melody, Born rockers. Their Music sense is amazing. They all are educated musician in a word as they know what they are playing actually

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36 Metalmaze
37 Spiritual

Just awesome Spiritual, Amazing song ovishopto and otripto atta also their catalyst love spiritual...

Got hoge potential to become one of the best bands in BD in the next 2-3 years... They are got the team chemistry runnin.

Keep going guys... You just rocks! Specially well wishes for the vocal(along with all the band members)

Darun tomri parba amader desh ar band k besho dorbar a tul a dhor t

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38 Funeral Anthem

Ah! One and Only power metal band. I miss'em :-(

39 Trainwreck

I believe this band will show their talent to the world. !

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40 Blaze

A young band with some hard working members. I love this band a lot and hope they will shine very soon. Best of luck for them. Blaze m/

They are really cool, & I like all their songs, if you want to hear real heart touching music, you should hear them. They are like the future leading rocking band.

The things that touches me and probably most of the laymen are the passion about music and the message spread by the lyrics. That is what BLAZE works at. So, I voted for this band.


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