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41 Unspecified

Keep it up guys! :D All the best and keep rocking!

Wishing you guys a magnificent and glorious future!

Tahmidul Haq Ansari.

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42 O-Seventeen

They remind me the 80s & 90s rock music. Awesome.

They are the choice of the new generation

Mind blowing music and composition as well

One of the best rock album they produced in the history of Bangladesh

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43 Acoustic Shunnota

Very unique composition and amazing lyrics.Waiting for more to come.Loved their music! Good luck Acoustic Shunnota.

Alternative metal with excellent lyrics and vocal.

Have listened to some which have been rated high as individual songs. As an album it would feel even better

Cool intense music. Not mainstream. Very refreshing.

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44 Revive Saddle

Young team with lots of potential

It's a heavy metal / Hard Rock band from Bangladesh Founded by Zian Chakma and Fahim Shahriar Rodsi. This band was planning to setup from a long time ago but for many unexpected reasons the band couldn't been setup. Bassist Choton joined when band was in need of bassist. After a long search band found the drummer Fahim also another guitarist Sunny. After all are set band used to had gigs but not with the proper vocal, at that time our Bassist brought out Rifat (vocal) who is our Big B. Now the members are jamming together and looking forward...

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45 Self Portrait

I am very happy to see that because every member of self portrait are too good as a musician, as a person and they are my good buddy also

This band deserves to be in top ten. I have seen them live several times. They really rock.

Very talented musicians!
I heard the bass, drums, guitars LIVE and in Stage.
Nothing to say, They will go far from now where they are.

They are doing too good

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46 Shohortoli

By watching the rank exactly now I know there's so few people who really know what is art. I am always appreciate Shohortoli for there amazing creations

Awesome band

47 Ransom of Truth
48 Tahsan and The Sufis

Superb band... ! Just love them.. !

49 Psychotron

"Excavate Your Own Grave"... m//

New Breed Of Southern THRASH METAL!

First Thrash metal band from sylhet!

Proud of Sylhet

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50 Recall Recall

Always super

Just I say... recall is amazing... because touch my heart...

Recall rockzzz

51 Bindu

I saw their live performance in Chittagong. It was awesome. Nowadays it is one of the best bands in Chittagong. I wish them good luck and all the best.

They have enthusiastic performance and extraordinary music!

Bindu is the finest metal band in the country!

There live performance is thrilling

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52 Durbin

I am a big fan of arfin rumey.

I'm big fan of shahid vai


Arifin rumi amar khov prio akjon siger so I love durbin band...

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53 Cleervoince V 1 Comment
54 Indalo

I am big fan of Jon Kabir Vai

My favouite jon kabir vocals from Indalo...

My one of the favorite band & most favorite vocal "jhon kabir"...ISD is the best song of indalo for me..

I love Indalo...Specially Jon Vhaiya...

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55 Madarchod Chudi Tore V 1 Comment
56 Swat

Just love swat for their first song 'Khola janala ', They are amazing...

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57 Yaatri
58 Bay Of Bengal

Is my best band. is band song very amazing

Best... Should be in Top10

A rock band from Chittagong,
Bay Of Bengal is one of the best band of Bangladesh..


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59 Subconscious
60 Stentorian V 1 Comment
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