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61 Rip String
62 Noman

One and only Rock and Roll Guitar player who have a band called Tuneless

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63 Somogeet

We like your songs. If you sing so rock we will more happy.

64 Chime

Chime is band unforgoteble and memorials band of in bangladesh. Iam sayed sohel. Ahmad@facebook. Com

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65 Bay Of Bengal

Is my best band. is band song very amazing

A rock band from Chittagong,
Bay Of Bengal is one of the best band of Bangladesh..

The most famous band of PORT CITY!
Specially the drummer is mind blowing!

One of the best band of bd

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66 Satanik

I heard its been almost more than 10 years of their formation, they even released quite some albums. But they are still underrated/infamous/unknown. It's probably because of their band name. They inspired some black metal bands. But their satanic stuffs obstructed it. - zxm

This is the pioneer Death/black band of Bangladesh

I love this band... and I love their songs...

They are cool because no one like thm in BD could play so fast like 192 tempo it's the children of bodom of Bangladesh

67 Sustain



Kalo prohor ufff its one of the best song sustain band..

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69 Defy
70 Bayanno'52

Good job, pray for All of you Guys

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71 I O N
72 Aurbachin - The band

Aurbachin one of the best young bang. The members of the band's are very tallented. Shoyeb is the best bassist among young site & his place on top 20th. Tilok is another star of Aurbachin. He is the est drummer this band. Reefat plays his role on lead guiter. Very aggresive band nowadays. Hopefully they can continue their perfrmance as best as they can. Hopefully everybody being with us

73 Severe Dementia

Many of you may never heard their music! But they are the best Death Metal band of Bangladesh! Legends are nothing compare to them!

Really talented. Aggressive Technical death metal band of Bangladesh

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74 Thousand Dias

Thousand dais one of my favorite band... Specially bassist & drummer... But all of the member of TD, really joss... Best of luck TD...

Oh the Bassist! He is crazy and awesome. A very good band and they will go far m/

Best melodic alternative rock band in BD. And they have the best bassist of the world. I am the great fan of Thousand Dias.

You will rock us guys

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75 Karnival V 1 Comment
76 Poraho

They are amazing. There first album poraho was so good and second album 'Ekhanei shesh noy' really amazed all rock lover.

77 Re-Dhun
78 Aushruto

Melody of Bangla rock is the essence of their tune. Superb vocal.

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79 Old School

I think this band is good enough...

I like the Vocal very much... Pretty strong voice

Their combination of folk with rock is amazing. - Undistinguished

They are probably Shironamhin inspired. - zxm

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80 EF (Ending Face)

This band is the future.Just listen to "Rononiti" and "shomoy 2015"...You'll see what I'm talking about.

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