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81 Chime

Chime is band unforgoteble and memorials band of in bangladesh. Iam sayed sohel. [email protected] Com

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82 ReBorn
83 Bay Of Bengal

Is my best band. is band song very amazing

A rock band from Chittagong,
Bay Of Bengal is one of the best band of Bangladesh..

The most famous band of PORT CITY!
Specially the drummer is mind blowing!

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84 Bohemain
85 Blue Bine
86 Mrittika
87 Shahan

Shahan is a solo artist.

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88 Hallucination V 1 Comment
89 Rono Dhoni

I love rono dhoni

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90 Audrib
91 OntoRikkho
92 Ovation
93 TEERONDAZ V 3 Comments
94 Old School

I think this band is good enough...

Their combination of folk with rock is amazing. - Undistinguished

I like the Vocal very much... Pretty strong voice

They are probably Shironamhin inspired. - zxm

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95 Feedback

Maybe important. But I don't like their songs. - zxm

96 The Baul Company Limited
97 Embrace of Death
98 Death Dream

Rockstar in Narayangonj.

99 Connected

Rising rock band in Bangladesh. Best wishes for them. Their track drisshoman oviman & amader itihash is just outstanding.

One of the rising rock band in dhaka. Their track drisshoman oviman & amader itihash is just outstanding.

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100 ThikanaHin
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