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81 d.o.T

Don't know how many times I have listened to amari Bangladesh. This band should deserve a high spot.

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82 Organ

A progressive rock Band. Formed in 2009 with Seven members. Released a mixed album (Protibimbo by Live Records), song name: Bishonnota, Track: 09. Recently just doing underground concerts & composing new songs.

83 ReBorn
84 Old School

I think this band is good enough...

Their combination of folk with rock is amazing. - Undistinguished

I like the Vocal very much... Pretty strong voice

They are probably Shironamhin inspired. - zxm

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85 Feedback

Maybe important. But I don't like their songs. - zxm

86 Bohemain
87 Blue Bine
88 Mrittika
89 Shahan

Shahan is a solo artist.

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90 Hallucination V 1 Comment
91 Rono Dhoni

I love rono dhoni

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92 Audrib
93 OntoRikkho
94 Ovation
95 TEERONDAZ V 3 Comments
96 Chayapath
97 The Baul Company Limited
98 Amar Band
99 Embrace of Death
100 Cadaver Cadaver Cadaver was a death metal band from RĂ¥de and Fredrikstad, Norway. The band had a brief venture in the early 1990s before splitting in 1993. Cadaver would eventually re-emerge as Cadaver Inc.
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