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101 Death Dream

Rockstar in Narayangonj.

102 Connected

Rising rock band in Bangladesh. Best wishes for them. Their track drisshoman oviman & amader itihash is just outstanding.

One of the rising rock band in dhaka. Their track drisshoman oviman & amader itihash is just outstanding.

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103 ThikanaHin
104 Lampost
105 Hedonism

King of under ground. It's a progressive metal band. The drummer "Sazib", vocal "Aornob"and all of them are good.

Hedonism is the king, they are doing too good. It's a progressive metal band. The song "TOMAR JONNO MITHILLA" is best for me. The drummer Sazid & vocal Aornob too good

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106 Meghdol

With amazing melody & extraordinary deep lyrics, this band inevitably creates a hollowness.. Inside heart..sometimes.. & it's instrumental uniquity is beyond any question.

107 Green Army
108 Social Circus

One of the best rising band...

109 Neon

One of the best dynamic plus rising band in BD...

Cool rock

Neon Rocks

Neon shock

110 Heartzrelation Band (HrB)

This band is one the best Band of Bangladesh. Their First song "Rong" was released in 2012 in a reputed album named "Hatiar". This song gained a lots of popularity. After that they released another Valentine special song named "ami+tumi=valobashi". This song becomes a famous song to all.

Vocal Shawn is very famous in chittagong.He has sweet malo voice.And Komol is also very famous.

One of the famous band in Chittagong..!
their debut album " SIMANAR SHOHOR" will be blast..!

Experimental Rock Band! There 1st track " Ronger majhe" on air from g~series in "Hatiyar" album. which coordinatior was Bd music God "Isha khan durey "

111 The Tree

The tree awesome

Jahad is a wonder/talent musician and also very famous in chittagong.

The Tree is one best band in Bangladesh. they should be in top 15

Best in Chittagong! Best of luck! Zahed bhai josss m/.

112 Vikings Vikings The Minnesota Vikings are an American football team based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Vikings joined the National Football League as an expansion team in 1960, and first took the field for the 1961 season. V 1 Comment
113 Dispersion
114 Opekkha V 2 Comments
115 Andor Mahal
116 KaalOddhai Band
117 Playback
118 Mondro
119 Beticrom
120 Exenemy
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