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121 Ogonito

Simply the best young band of Bangladesh

122 AbiRbHaB V 1 Comment
123 Indrojal

Its a very good band... I lyke them for their spirit and the coordination between thei members...

124 Reckless
125 Ozanne
126 Liberation

Joss Alta band

Liberation is the best Death Metal/ Brutal Death Metal (present), alternative rock/ metal (early) This is the Bangladeshi band... They are used to do brutal social in front their audience... ( Ishrafil Islam Nur Jewel)

Liberation is the Bangladeshi Death metal / Brutal Death metal band (Present)... Alternative rock / metal (early). This is the powerful death metal band... m/ (Ishrafil Islam Nur Jewel)

127 GaanBazz

Hope they will do outstanding and keep the benchmark of bengali Music. Best Wishes and Welcome.

128 ARROW SHOT V 1 Comment
129 Stairway of Heaven
130 Beduin
131 Raw Bangals
132 Cataclysm

This band is a promising Heavy/Thrash metal band in Bangladesh.. In recent they will add a new dimension to the music scenario in BD. - saidur

They are a promising Heavy Metal band in Bangladesh. In recent they will add a new dimension to the music scenario in BD.

133 Cry My Name

A very promising band hailing from Chittagong.

Is a experimental rock band from Chittagong

134 Moheener Ghoraguli

They are not a Bangladeshi rock band, they are from India. - zxm

135 Invaders
136 Wake Up
137 Blues Jeans

They've potentiality. If they continue then once day they'll be a very good band. - zxm

138 Sorrow of Death
139 Sriticharon
140 Ordho Shomoy

One of the coolest band of Bangladesh. I can't say about there playing they are just truly mind blowing. If this band survive others have to be careful.

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