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141 Manus Opera
142 Choturvuz

An innovative alter rock band from Bangladesh...

143 Sporsho

Sporsho was formed by Yeamin and Sabir. It was a band with 5 friends but for unavoidable circumstances the band was broken. Later we took even better members then before. Many people ask us why did we choose the Rock genre well here is the reason.
There are many who hold that the Golden Age of Rock and Roll has laid in a deep, unmarked grave of historical obscurity. These days the face of Rock is scarred with stereotypical thoughts and images of promiscuity and substance abuse. These days, everybody wants to start a band as if its something like underwear which is worn and then discarded further diminishing an already ethereal meaning. Gone are the days when Rock and Roll was kept alive by the hungry hearts of the masses and not crass commercialism. Gone are the days when lyrics conveyed more than just a good time but they could start revolutions. Whatever has become has become and SPORSHO aims to revive this dying wonder of human achievement. Started by a bunch of school boys who ...more

The best melo rock, rock and soft rock band in Sylhet. This band is very famous in Sylhet. The drummer and the bass guitarist is very good.

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144 Nirob Kosto Vokto Badsha Ullapara
145 Stylish Slank

Awesome Rock Band From Bangladeshi... Vocalist Opu Is Awesome...

146 Miger Rock
147 Prisoners

" A heavy metal band with extreme potential. They will dominate greatly in the music industry if they continue to struggle and work hard with their music. They will become a legend. "

148 Hell Raizers

So far the best Sepultura Coverer in Bangladesh!

149 Manchitro
150 Baysardho
151 Skided Black
152 Muhurto
153 Rong
154 Acoustic Dictionary

One of the acoustic rock band in Bangladesh
Vocal:Shahrukh Rahman

155 Asap
156 Theatrical
157 Art of Noise
158 Sama Choda

How is this name even appropriate?

159 Flag Pole Damage

One of the best new rising heavy metal, progressive metal band of Bangladesh

160 Circus Police
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