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1 Pasonanca

Pasonanca, Because it's the cleanest barangay in Zamboanga City, And also, 5% are only Muslims lived here and 10 or 11% Are protestants. And Pasonanca are 2nd richest barangay here in zamboanga. ANd I love Pasonanca, And Pasonanca is a Restaurant zone and also it has the largest park here in Zamboanga.

Pasonanca is close to nature. I live here and I'm truly proud of my barangay.

Safest barangay in zamboanga city

Nightlife and Nature

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2 Curuan

Curuan is the most peaceful place of living. the people are well friendly and well educated.

Curuan has it's own water system supplying all house hold 24/7 with no interuption. Not only Curuan but it also supply water to Quiniput barangay and part of Buenavista barangay. No unemployment if it is dry season people go gold panning in the hills. Rainy season people go fishing or catch bangus fry along the sea coast and mangrove creeks. Not to mention trees bearing fruits all over the Curuan barangay area.

3 Tetuan V 2 Comments
4 Culianan

Because of the hospitable people here..

Because of famous resort in zamboanga the monte verde resort

Culianan is One of the safest barangay in Zamboanga City in fact the police official are always active to protect people not just are barangay but also the neighbouring barangay..

Active Officials in different events everyday

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5 Guiwan

Guiwan is on the verge of economic growth and development and also a child friendly barangay.

I think guiwan is one of the save place in zamboanga city, because I live in guiwan and I now the place very well,

Guiwan is the 5th largest barangay in zamboanga city. And guiwan is the 12th richest barangay in zamboanga city. The guiwan has expand their land to tumaga porcentro to guiwan porcentro because in 1980 when electing barangay officers one of the barangay tumaga barangay officers to be runned his mission is to get nearly half land of guiwan terirtory. The zamboanga court said if the barangay hall of tumaga will be finished the land of tumaga porcentro, aurora village will be back to guiwan

6 Ayala

Ayala is the best barangay in Zamboanga City. The only Barangay who have dominant factories that make Zamboanga as "Sardines Capital of the Philippines ". It is one of the peaceful barangay in zamboanga. We're once introduce the FONDA since 80's and other barangays adopt it and make their version of Fonda's. The only barangay who have complete Educational Programs (elem.,High School, and College ). The only barangay that is unique for having different but amazing barangay hall.

Ayala is t6he best barangay it is because of the canning factories that produces sardines in the philippines and it make zamboanga city as the sardines capital of the Philippines.

7 Sta. Maria

I was born in Santa Maria although I live in the United States now and I know for a fact that Santa Maria was the best place to raise a family and felt relatively safe. Everyone knows everyone, and strangers are always welcome. Great upbringing, fun times, fond memories...that is how I remember Santa Maria!

8 Tugbungan

The residents are peace loving people. A self-sustaining barangay, they have their own agriculture and fishery products.

9 Divisoria
10 Tumaga

Tumaga is the only barangay which runs along with the historical river. tumaga became known because of the river's pristine waters. the barrio a spanish army based in now known as fort pilar heard news that there is a river flowing north of tetuan and sta. maria and have seen TUMAGA, a name of fishes abundant in the river. tumag is truly a place where everything is in your convenience. if you want to hang out with nature. you may traverse the trails up north. if you want to enjoy urban life, you may head in its heart. Tumaga offers all, from forest lake which turns out to be a park of the living to exclusivity of adzu, montessori, yogi, and as well as filinvest and other subdivision.

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11 Mercedes

Mercedes has it's own water system, parish church and is know to where the most expensive house in zamboanga city can be found. Period!

12 Canelar
13 Lower Calarian V 2 Comments
14 San Jose
15 Boalan
16 Putik

Beautiful barangay and peaceful place

17 Cacao
18 Buluk el Zamboanga

Who ever wrote this is a idiot one or maybe look a like monkey.. Oh sorry if my word are interesting haha.. But that is the reality

19 Vitali
20 Talon Talon
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