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1 Easton Stealth

if its on the barrel its out

I got it for my birthday its sick in a summer league game I hit it on the barrel and it cleared the fence on a line drive
- cpd

When I used to use this bat in little league I hit 48 dingers and took my team to the little league world series. If the rest of the team didn't suck we would've won it too! - yankee51

Good hit its gone

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2 TPX Exo

I had one and it was a very very good bat and it helped me get my swing right. When I started using the TPX Exo my average sky rocketed instantly. That is why I think this should be the number one bat in top ten bats. Thank you for reading.

TPX Exos have very good pop good grip and just adding this in dude that has the first comment on the Easton Stealth maybe you werent as good as you are now and bats dont make you hit good.

The TPX Exo is the most bad ass bat I've ever used. If you want a bat TPX is the one.

I used this bat in a game and I got three at bats with a triple and 2 homers this bat is sick.

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3 DeMarini Vexxum

if your ever thinking about about buying a bat its this one

I used this bat twice and I got two hits up the middle and I barely had to move the bat.

I have it and I hit a triple and a double

Great bat hits well with a softball too

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4 Worth Prodigy

I am not a power hitter but this bat made me one. I went from 9th to 5th to 3rd in the lineup

Some of the players on my team use this it turned a good hit into a big hit.

This is a Rocket-Launcher... Way to HOT of a stick for children's league.

Who uses worth? This bat is probably trash - yankee51

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5 DeMarini CF5

Best bat because 2 kids on my baseball team hit back to back with it about 215 and 225 at 12 years old

White one is the best it is so balanced best line drive bat there is.

Great bat extremely light and the barrel is huge

I Hit a ball with a DeMarini and it salled over the treeline and cracked a 2016 corvette's windshield

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6 Easton XL

I got an XL2 (31 inch, 23 oz) and haven't used it in a game yet, but practicing with it is enough to let you know that it's a great bat. Huge sweet spot, awesome pop, no sting (unless the ball is hit on the handle) and a really AWESOME sound.

This bat is amazing. It has great pop, and you can hit great with it. I have one and I hit homers, and a lot of balls to the outfield. Other times I hit a lot of hard ground balls.

Fantastic bat for hitters who want to hit bombs. My dad got it for me for my 11 year old majors season. I started to practice with it and was hitting amazing. Great bat

Best bat end loaded

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7 Marucci Black

1 of the best bats I've bought and I think it has a pretty big sweet spot in my opinion. As long as you have good swing and mechanics you will hit the ball hard every time.

This bat is absolutely amazing. Insane pop off pretty much any part, and if you hit the sweet spot it flies. - NWCatcher16

I found this bat in a dumpster one time before a game so I decided to try it out squared up a ball that wouldve usually been launched into the atmosphere but it barely blooped over the pitchers head now I know why it was in the dumpster - yankee51

Demarini breaks and dents too easily!

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8 B3 Combat

I have this bat and my friend hit a home run with it and he didn't use a lot of power.

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9 Rawlings Plasma

It looks like a regular bat to me it makes no difference if you use a cheep one

In my first game using it 2 out of 4 times I hit it I got a home run. This bat rocks

I had that bat for two seasons I would never buy that bat again

Used it for half year and then lost pop

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10 Adidas Vanquish

if the barrel touches the ball, its a hit, NuFsAiD son!

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11 Worth Amp

Boss bat it feels like its corked but if you hit it right your going to get a home run

12 Easton CXN

This is the worst list of baseball bats ever but I had to pick one

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13 Worth Lithium

I hit a homerun off a kid with this bat and there was no way the outfielder was going to catch it long gone homerun when you hit the ball it makes a sound that sounds like DONG!

14 Rawlings Rush
15 Easton Mako

I have the mako it's a very good bat hit it on the barrel it's gone massive sweet spot is the whole barrel

Love this bat hit 41 homers this year in 75 games. This bat has crazy pop. I highly recommend it if you want to hit dingers.

I got it for my birthday if you want to hit dingers you got to get this bat. Hit 13 in 10 games already

This should be the top bat because it has the newest materials an technology

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16 The B1 Combat

Bought it when I was 11 and loved it so much I used all the way to u14s. It literally flies off the bat. I am now in high school so I had to switch to the combat b3 bbcor. I fell in love with the company as soon as I bought the bat. Also, for all you saying Easton and Demarini composite bats are better, listen to this. Both of those companies buy the composite from combat to put in their bats. So combat is giving you a bat equal to if not better than the top companies for less!

this bat just flys off the bat, when you hit it on the screws you don feel nutin

Best in my opinion!

I ca't believe it is illegal I used it during practice and my coach told me it was illegal but my mom talked my coach into letting me use it and I've been hitting bombs off of it best bat ever

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17 Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha

I love this bat would give any amount of money for a 2016 Omaha -3

This bat is the bat in the world

This bat is great ifhits the barrel it's going to the fence (almost granted) of course it does depend on both your mechanics and power

It is awesome I 100 home runs

101 games

18 Easton Redline

They should re name this bat the easton red rocket cause it doesn't hit anything but nukes - yankee51

Amazing hitting bat

Awesome bat!

Best bat ever! Even better then the mighty b1. The zcore is leathal. Trust me I have bought and tested all the best bats for my kid. Techzilla 2007 is a contender as well.

19 Easton S1

This bat is by FAR the best bat. It really has more pop than the cf5. Should be at least in the top 5.

Very good bat not better than mako

Love the s1 also! But it I.m.o. better accommodates a contact hitter (leadoff man) but if you can swingng it correctly no legal bat beats the mako xl end loaded bat! I have every east on there is and all are great! But mako is a notch above all others

20 Demarini Voodoo

I like the voodoo and hit good with it

I'm 12 and hit 4 yard so far with this bat I play for my majors team the Grizzlys and love this bat

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21 V-grip
22 Rawlings 5150

BEST BAT EVER. Recommend it at all ages from little league to high school.

Bat has great pop and has a very large sweet spot!

This is probably the most powerful bat you could use in little league

it sucks

23 TPX Triton

VERY GOOD POP on it, gets great hits, 2 piece composite bat, does great for travel ball games.

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24 Reebok
25 Easton Reflex

this bat for a 1 peice- non comp. bat has great pop and last long unlike the #7 bat

26 Mizuno
27 Miken
28 CF5
29 B4 Combat
30 Louisville Slugger Catalyst
31 Easton S2

I have the s3 and hit dingers with it but the s3 isn't on here

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32 Demarini CF6
33 Annex
34 Louisville Slugger Prime 916

Hit back to back jacks first game I had it feels more like a -5 than -3 best bat around.

35 Stealth Speed Black 010

again, flys off the bat and has great pop, doesn't lose a lot of pop either

36 Stealth Surge

if you hit it in the rite spot it flys, if its in the wrong dpot, what can I say but overall this bat was great a lit. vibration but thts aabout it

37 Big Barrel Gray B2 Combat

great bat but extreme vibration. I can't imagine how much better itd be w/o vib. its a great bat though

38 Demarini Vendetta Rails

great bat, last long but if you hit it on the handle it goes NO where but good pop and sound, not totally comp but it has great performance

39 Louisville Slugger
40 Wilson

These bats are are Awesome

41 Marucci

I play middle school ball with drop 3... This bat has some major pop and it doesn't hurt in the cold when u hit it on the handle. I am 13 and I have had 7 bats and so far this is the best one

42 Marucci Elite

Has most pop I've seen out of any BBCOR bat feels like I'm hitting with some of the old bats listed above

43 Adidas EQT X1
44 Xl3
45 Easton Alpha
46 Easton S300

Great bat! I get many doubles, triples, and sometimes home runs! I highly recommend this bat.

47 Easton Octane
48 2015 s1

The most pop I have ever held

49 Rawlings Adirondack Pro Model

It hits hard. It's light. Nice wood.

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