All Time Best Baseball Jersey Numbers

The Top Ten All Time Best Baseball Jersey Numbers

1 42

Cause it might make me get lucky and hit awesome and be better then my cousin that plays baseball and he sometimes goes to Ripken state or world series.

Also Mariano Rivera, the first player ever unanimously elected to the Hall of Fame.

Tribute to a great player, a very important one. Jackie Robinson "re-broke" the color barrier (don't believe me? Look it up.) and was a great player. Mo Rivera wore 42, and it took some guts to keep wearing it, so his number couldn't be retired. Rivera was a great player, and the last to ever wear no. 42.

Jackie Robinson was one of the best black players in the mlb just wake up and see

2 24

Robby Cano, Old Manny, Mark Teixeira with the Braves, Willie Mays Tony Perez, and Early Wynn.

So many great players to wear 24. One of the hardest debates to have in baseball is who was the greatest 24? Griffey, Mays, Henderson? Many more greats who weren't as good.

Worn it past two years, I mean Teixeira, Griffey, Mays, and HENDERSON. That list deserves to be the best.

Griffey, Ricky Henderson, old Manny, and Bonds

3 2

Derek jeter wears 2 best shortstop in the mlb to me

I have worn to for my whole life and for some reason it just fells right

I'm always #2 the low numbers are the best

My number is to

4 34

Papi, Felix, and BRYCE HARPER (google him I you don't know him... Hit a 570ft hr as a freshman, which wasn't a fluke, can throw 96, throw runner out from his knees as catcher (his primary position) and the fastest bat speed ever

Kirby Puckett, Big Papi, Felix Hernandez, Nolan Ryan, and Bryce Harper all great players!

Yeah I agree it's a pretty cool number, However I wouldn't were it unless you are a freshmen or above player

Bryce Harper all day. One of my favorite players of all time

5 3

I wear 3 and it is my lucky number,with it I am hitting over.500 and have pitched 2 1 hitters

This used to be my number, but I switched to 23. I wanna switch back! Babe Ruth was the greatest baseball legend ever, and I was proud to wear his number! Well not really but still. Awesome number.

This has been my number ever since I started to play sports and also I know that this number represents the best baseball player to ever play.

My number for baseball this year hopefully gives me good me good luck this year. Babe ruth was the best player in mlb history!

6 11

I have worn many numbers but for some reason 11 was just my favorite.

I wear 11 on my travel, academy and in house Jersey. It's awesome

This is the best number because my awesome son proudly wears this number!

Jimmy Rollins is the all time Phillies hit leader.

7 23

This number is the best because its under-rated nobody wears it, but I'm going to be the first to represent it in the majors

23 Is a great number, my two favorites numbers are In it! There both from the Bronx bombers! Derek jester and babe Ruth

That's my best friends number she is a pitcher

This number is great like Lebrun James and Michael Jordan had this number on their jersey they're legends

8 22

It feels sophisticated and semetrical it makes me feel confident

HEY! What about cano he's better.

I've always been number 22 and I feel more confident with this number

Jimmy Key, Blue Jays, the reason I wear the number.

9 7

My grandson just started playing at 6yrs old second base and he wanted number 7. So far so good on luck he got the last 3 outs in his last game.

My man Joe Mauer!

I think it's the most popular because it's my baseball number, everyone likes it and Matt Holiday

And you can't forget about Mantle

10 25

The best number for first basemen and my number.

I recently wore this number. Gave me good luck just like #8 did.

Jim Thome, Mark McGwire

All the great power hitters have it

The Contenders

11 27

Mike Trout best player ever!

Catfish hunter. Some all time greats here.

Stanton is the best home run hitter

My number best number on here!

12 99

That's my number and I'm the only one in the state

It's unique. Not everyone can pull off wearing 99.

My number! Also Aaron Judge's! ONly for legends

For legends only

13 51

How 51 is so unpopular the only good player who wore the number is Ichiro when he was a mariner

Willie McGee of the cardinals wore this number

Ichiro Suzuki, Bernie Williams and more

51 is like the coolest number ever

14 44

I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned Adam Dunn. He was my favorite reds player

Best number, coolest looking

Hank Aaron, Willie Mccovey and many pitchers

Anthony Rizzos number I also like it because it was my number

15 4

Look at the players who wear this number it's a great hybrid number worn by all position more notable players are catcher yadier Molina, Brandon Phillips, and the royals outfielder with the cannon Alex Gordon and also Astros young star George springer!

I love Alex Gordon! Gehrig wore #4 because back in the ancient days, your number was your spot in the batting order.

The first number to ever be retired.

The best end of conversation

16 33

My number. I take after Trent Richardson though.

That's always been my number too.

My number... I also like 22, go Cutch!

That's my baseball number

17 21

Clemente! The best all around person. An awesome player on the field, and a better person off the field. An example to be followed. Retire #21.

The rightfielders in Chicago, late 1990s - Sammy Sosa, Magglio Ordonez

Clemente, Clemens, Sanders-tons of talent

Stan Ross the boss

18 32

This is the number that I where I where it because my dad wore it when he played I will probably switch to 16 this year because my whole family wore it for their high school baseball number

Oops, my mistake, Bo is 16, and this was the 16th ranked number when I posted that.

Steve Carlton's number (one of the best left handed pitchers of all time)

Magic Johnson that's why!

19 19

It's the awesomest number in the world and it's my number

Steve Yzerman... Enough said!

Pete rose was number 14.

Yay Joey votto

20 9

Teddy Ballgame

How old I was when I got my first home run

Ted Williams. (drops mic)

This is my number and it's the best no doubt

21 15

Because it's my basketball number!

"I won every game and my number is 15"

15 is a great baseball number they got all the greats

15 is the best for baseball they got all the greats

22 69

But will be the first mlb player to

No MLB player has ever worn #69...

Lets face it it's a funny number

Who dosnt like 69?

23 13

Manny Machado, at least with the Orioles
Max Muncy with the Dodgers in 2018 (probably not given to Manny then)
Billy Wagner

It's my number

Just a sick number looks good on everyone

Mainly a great middle infielder

24 8

Gary 'The Kid' Carter... awesome catcher and after leaving the Expos for the Mets, leads the team to a World Series victory. Called a great game, a true general of the field.

One of the best athletes of all time, Bo Jackson on the White Sox #8

Though I've never had 8 as a Jersey, it's my favorite number.

One name: Yogi Berra

25 14

The number I would choose if it wasn't 13

Charlie Hustle #14

Jim Bunning and Del Ennis when with the Phillies
Gil Hodges

Pete Rose...hit King, enough said

26 0

I know Gus Otto, the great center for the NFL Oakland Raiders, wore double zero. I always thought that was cool, Otto, 00, see what he did there?

Lol. Zero for the win! Is there actually a MLB player who wears 0?

It's the wining number

Aran ottoveno for the Rockies he's a pitcher

27 6

Stephen Drew and many other players have had this number.. Its just a lucy number to have

Steve Garvey

Stan the man

Best Number

28 5

It the fever. Five means fever. I got the fever for some more cow bell!

Also Brooks Robinson and Johnny Bench.

It's my favorite number

Albert pujols

29 20

My daughter also wears #20. She is a proud pitcher and centerfielder.

This is my Jersey number!

Two all-time greats - Frank Robinson and Mike Schmidt

This is my softball number this year 2018

30 10

My best friend is number 10 he's amazing.

I'm number 10 on my team and I always he's a future in the tennis the best

Ten Can See The Future

Darren Daulton. Also will be worn by new Phillies catcher J.T. Realmuto.
Also worn on the Phillies by Larry Bowa.

31 18

My new number

Andy Van Slyke neil Walker

Oscar Taveras wore it

32 57

58 should take this spot.

33 17

Rhys Hoskins, Kris Bryant and many other major leaguers who would not want this number

Todd Helton, a great player and a real gentleman who retired after 17 great years with the Rockies.

This was my high school baseball number

It looks good on anyone.

34 1

Number 1 is just cool

It the best for every thing

That's what speed do

It's my number!

35 28

Twenty eight is just a fantastic number it looks good on jerseys especially nfl and mlb

Buster posey is the greatest catcher of this era

Great # for a catcher. Tribute to Buster Posey

Buster Posey, and it's my #! And he is my idol and I as well play catcher!

36 26

Chase Utley was 26, one of the best Phillies player ever!

Best softball uniform number.

The number for any 2nd baseman with a last name that starts with "U" playing for an NL East team in the early 2010s. Someone already mentioned Chase Utley. Also Dan Uggla.

Boog Powell of the 1960s-1970s Orioles.

37 98
38 52

Yoenis Cespdes, 52 is the great number EVER!

CC Sabathia and YOenis Cespedes...all I have to say...

39 41

Carlos Santana, Charlie Manuel

Donny Everett

Tom Seaver

It's the same

40 55

Oral hershiser great pitcher#dodger blue

Sexy number

41 31

This is my summer league travel league and school number. It's the best

Mike Piazza

Greg Maddox

42 88

Looks great on anyone! You'd mostly see this number in football or hockey. Plus it's a variation of my favorite number. (8)

This is the best number because it is the least popular

I have this number

Just looks good!

43 00

In little league in oxford al. all kids won't this number

Gotta love Brian Wilson.

44 29

John Kruk (who wore four different numbers with the Phillies, but this is the most memorable one)

A weird number, but looks good on a pitcher or catcher.

Make a number none wants famous be difert from other people make a number famous with your talents not others

Devon Travis

45 36

My base ball number

Number 36 is legadary

the best

46 72

It just looks cool. No other reason and it doesn't have someone wearing it from every team.

47 47

Goes with my name Alex King, AK-47 I am a pitcher... don't forget Howie Kendrick.

Tom Glavine

48 35

This number is my 3 favorite numbers combined, and 1935 is also the year that my great grandmother was born

Hosmer, enough said

Cole Hamels, Mike Cuellar, Mike Mussina

49 39

Brett Myers

50 82

Only once has this jersey been worn. Hopefully we'll see it again soon.

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