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41 29

A weird number, but looks good on a pitcher or catcher.

Make a number none wants famous be difert from other people make a number famous with your talents not others

Dope number very swaggy I wear it in travel and 1 for high school under rated numbers y'all

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43 47

Goes with my name Alex King, AK-47 I am a pitcher... don't forget Howie Kendrick.

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45 35

This number is my 3 favorite numbers combined, and 1935 is also the year that my great grandmother was born

Hosmer, enough said

46 88

Looks great on anyone! You'd mostly see this number in football or hockey. Plus it's a variation of my favorite number. (8)

This is the best number because it is the least popular

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47 98
48 72

It just looks cool. No other reason and it doesn't have someone wearing it from every team.

49 39
50 82

Only once has this jersey been worn. Hopefully we'll see it again soon.

51 77

This is my every year number...77 is bae

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