Top Ten Best Baseball Pitches

List of the top ten most effective pitches in baseball for getting a batter out. Don't be afraid to specify a pitch e.g. Circle change, 3 finger change. And Backyard Baseball pitches don't count haha.

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21 Slurve

Helo why is this so low

This is a great pitch why is this so uderrated

22 Submarine Fastball
23 Sidearm Fastball
24 Palmball
25 Running Fastball
26 Curve Knuckle
27 Moving Fastball

"When you haven't been taugt to pitch from a young age you grip the ball with your whole hand and angle your foot 45 degreese from the plate and aim for the middle and the ball should curve right before the plate" this pitch is good as long as you have a capale catcher.

28 Sidearm Curve
29 3-Finger Change Up

Very Effective

30 Power Curve

A faster curve

31 Folly Floater
32 Hesitation Pitch

This struck batters out so well it was banned, and even worked against Josh "The Black Babe Ruth" (although I would call babe the white gibson) Gibson.

33 Football Changeup

This pitch acts like a curveball. You throw it with the same arm action as you throw a football.
You grip it around the seams and when you're pitching, you twist your hand so it curves. This pitch is very rare and is one of the best changeups ever.

34 Submarine Screwball

You grip this pitch like a 4-Seam Fastball and when pitching this pitch, your arm release has to be low and near your legs or ankles. This pitch is basically a fast lefty curveball for righties and a fast righty curveball for lefties.

This pitch is taxing on your arm so I recommend throwing it in college with your parent's permission.
With wiffleballs as many times as you want.

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