Best Baseball Players of 2006


The Top Ten

1 Albert Pujols

One of the best hitters in baseball every year. A great player and seems like a really good guy too. - wsl777

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2 Derek Jeter

derek jeter is the best player ever how many players do you know who have there own poly

3 David Ortiz
4 Ryan Howard

over 40 home runs 3 years in a row and plus he's on the phillies the greatest baseball team ever.

5 Jose Reyes
6 Alfonso Soriano

fonzo rules, just not 2009 he sucked his ass off. But he injured his knee, soo, but he is rad - Horsegirl

7 Miguel Cabrera Miguel Cabrera José Miguel Cabrera Torres, commonly known as Miguel Cabrera and nicknamed "Miggy", is a Venezuelan professional baseball first baseman who plays for the Detroit Tigers of Major League Baseball.

Up and coming star; provides a major young punch in the Marlin's lineup.

8 Lance Berkman
9 Joe Mauer
10 Johan Santana

The Contenders

11 Jermaine Dye

Would have won the MVP iif the White Sox made the playoffs and the Twins hadn't stolen the wild card from them!

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12 Magglio Ordonez
13 Geovany Soto
14 David Wright
15 Adam Dunn
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