Best Baseball Players of the '90s


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1 Ken Griffey Jr.

Greatest player that ever lived

Ken Griffey was so good he could smash a ball off of randy Johnson eyes closed then sprint 500 feet into the stands and catch it. Griffey was a god at baseball.

1 thing that sets him away from everyone else, No Steroids EVER! - AP1090

Awesome! Multidimensional super talented player! - 5ToolPlayers

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2 Derek Jeter

JETER should be at the top of this list! - jacksonyin

Griffey Jr. was so much better then jeter. Griffey was an absolute G compared to jeter. I think jeter was better in the early 2000.

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3 Greg Maddux

As a Seattleite, I've heard many say that Randy Johnson was the best pitcher of the 90's and a better pitcher than Maddux- they're WRONG. Greg Maddux wasn't tall, muscular, not did even throw particularly fast. His greatness couldn't be measured with No Hitters or Perfect Games either. Maddux once said, "I'll never throw a No Hitter. I throw too many strikes." That is one of the many reasons he was EASILY the BEST pitcher of his era. He threw more strikes than balls by far. He didn't rely in size, speed or power- he relied on his wit, technique, accuracy and patience. The man was a Surgeon on the mound. Some pitchers got batters to swing at bad pitches to get them out- Greg Maddux got batters to swing at GOOD pitches and STILL got them out. His wind up and delivery were a work of art. He's been called, "Nature's Perfect Pitcher." I'm incredibly fortunate that I was alive at this point in space and time that I was able to see Greg Maddux play. Every game and every pitch was a privilege ...more

I mean no one had the dominance that greg maddux had, he was an excellent pitcher with unbeilavable command and the ability to make batters look stupid without throwing a 99 mph fastball, not too mention 18, yes 18, gold gloves

Maddux hands down best pitcher of the 90s

I am doeing a project and I choose him.

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4 Sammy Sosa

What about Bo Jackson

Best black baseball player other than Robinson.

Bo Jackson, was not a better player than Sammy.. come on now

Bo Jackson was a better baseball player than Sosa. And ALL of Bo Jackson's stats were improving every year up until his football injury. Sosa's stats didn't start improving until he began using PEDs. I compared the stats (BA OBP SLG OPS OPS+ WAR oWAR dWAR) for pre-injury Jackson and pre-PED Sosa, and Jackson was way better.

5 Alex Rodriguez Alex Rodriguez

No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No

The worst scumbag lying cheating fraud of all the cheating frauds! - 5ToolPlayers

I hate him more than donald trump

NOO - SonicDrummer231

6 Mark McGwire V 1 Comment
7 Edgar Martinez

Most underrated hitter of his era even though there are many of his peers from his era that speak of him in high regard, most notably, his former teammate Randy Johnson. Edgar Martinez was consistent, at times he was dominant, and unarguably- CLUTCH. If Paul Molitor is worthy of induction to the Hall of Fame, then Edgar Martinez is a no-brainer for induction. Those who argue that Molitor's 2 World Championship rings validate his worthiness and negate Martinez's, they're idiots. Championships are won by TEAMS, not individuals. The Designated Hitter vs Position Player argument is tired so I won't even bother. Anyone who's aware of whyMartinez became a DH and his capabilities as a 3rd Baseman prior to injury know better than to bother with that discussion.

A great hitting DH. But don't bother with excuses for why he was a DH. He was a DH. - 5ToolPlayers

8 Mike Piazza

Mike was an amazing catcher and to back that up he could hit the ball

He could hit. He wasn't a catcher, he was a DH trying hard to pass as a catcher. - 5ToolPlayers

9 Randy Johnson

Randy Johnson was like 10x better then all of these people he had 300+ strikeouts in like 10 seasons

*kills a bird with his fastball*

10 Pedro Martinez

Pedro was the most dominant pitcher of the 90's

Not even close genius what about Nolan Ryan, Bret Saberhagen, and Jack Morris

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11 Cal Ripken, Jr.

He is one of the best players of all time he would be at number 1 on this list

No player will come close to his record

Great player

Should be ranked @ #1, because he is one of the greatest to ever play the game, if not the greatest, period. in my opinion, that is!

12 Tino Martinez
13 Nomar Garciaparra
14 Paul O'Neill
15 Bo Jackson Bo Jackson

Awesome potential! Alas, unfulfilled, but awesome potential! - 5ToolPlayers


16 Barry Bonds Barry Bonds

Please enlighten me on how you know that he didn't start juicing until '98!?!

Come on... I know he was on the juice, but that wasn't until 1998, he was still great. No Junior though.

We all know he started cheating after seeing Sosa and McG get all that glory by cheating. But you can keep your head buried in the sand. - 5ToolPlayers

17 Cecil Fielder

He has a kid that plays in MLB he is all around the best players

18 Chipper Jones
19 Nolan Ryan Nolan Ryan

Ah duh

20 Frank Thomas

Overall best offensive player of the 90's, The Big Hurt!

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