Top 10 Best baseskate123 Videos On Youtube

For an awesome youtube channel, check these guys out. They are awesome!!!!!

The Top Ten

1 messing with my christian neighbor lol

I'm 31 years old and still find this video hilarious! My favorite parts were, "You look fatter than 103 lbs" and "I think your bulls******* me". Also, I uncontrollably laughed so hard at the end when they were playing dodge ball.

SUPER FUNNY! I wonder happened to the neighbor at the end... Maybe he never came back. Keep making videos like this. PLEASE!

The guys act troublesome to the poor neighbor love it haha

Why isn't this video on YouTube anymore?

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2 hitting a moving car with a ball from 2 feet away

HOLY TOLEDO! You guys. Do you even know the consequences for vandalism? They're lucky they escaped

Dude these guys can get arrested... This has to be number 1 because they're actually taking a risk

I can't believe they got away with it. So funny

I showed this to my parent. Funniest thing ever

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3 nippooooooooooooll
4 amazing throw from 100+ feet away
5 hilarious prank call 3
6 tre flip
7 Magic cards
8 mooning cars

Why did they delete their good stuff?

The best of the new ones

9 burning stuff with axe
10 Crazy train intro

The Contenders

11 Derek Jeter's 3,000 hit
12 putting huge sticks on the road
13 this is a lot scarier in person lol
14 bored
15 Derek Jeter's 2,999th hit
16 random throwing
17 Ryan Murphy pitching mechanics April 9th, 2012
18 Ambidextrous pitcher
19 conversations in chapel part 2 (Pastor John)
20 Hilarious prank call 1
21 hilarious prank call 2
22 buying a snickers bar with a $100 bill and messing with som
23 gayest basketball shot ever
24 shooting cars from my window
25 random throwing #2
26 Hilarious Drake prank on chatroullete
27 scaring my dad with fireworks
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