Best Basketball Moves

Which is better dunk on offense steal on defense maybe even a 3-pointer you decide

The Top Ten

1 Cross Over
2 Alley oop

It takes teamwork, connection and planning to make these plus it feeds the crowd.

Oviously Chris Paul and Blake Griffin make good alley-oops

3 3-pointer

Good if you can make them but kinda showoff-like if you can't

4 Reverse Dunk

You MUST know where every defender is or you will not only look bad but you will also be hated by your teammates for being a showoff.

What does a reverse dunk look like? I know how a slam dunk looks like though. So yeah cewll.

5 Fade Away

Harder to block than a jump shot really helped Dirk Nowitski in the 2011 Finals

6 Shake 'n Bake
7 Jump Shot

Jump shot can make you a good spot to the ring

8 Steal

If a point guard can constantly make a steal there is no one in front of him to block his dunk/layup

9 Block

Extremely good in the very late game with seconds on the clock and your team is up

10 Layup

Good for shorter players like point guards

The Contenders

11 Pass

Do these often be Rajon Rondo Don't then be a Kobe Bryant. (sorry Lakers fans it is the truth)

12 Hop Step
13 Skyhook
14 Free Throw

Fearless drive leads to a free throw

15 Spin Move
16 Jump Back
17 Eurostep

When you pick up the dribble use your right leg if you are on the right side then push off it and land with your left foot for a shot. Don't put down the foot you pushed off or it will be a travel

18 Stutter Step
19 Floater
20 Chemistry

Team Chemistry is good, you could win championships

21 No Look Pass
22 Dunk
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