NIKE Hyperdunk


I love this shoe. It is very durable and definitely worth the money. I highly recommend this shoe to basketball enthusiasts. I love the way they have the hole on the top of the shoe. I think this is the best shoe of all time. Its better than a lot of other shoes

Very light the Design on all hyperdunks are are good.The Hyperdunks are hard to destroy 2010, 11, 12, and 13 are the best.I don't think 2009 was the best.Very comfortable a lot of support;on the court no matter what position and helps be faster, jump higher, and be more agile on the court.the best shoes ever.

Great for just about any position unless you are used to wearing low tops the high top tongue can feel very restricting but wear them enough and you'll get used to them

My 6th time playing basketball and the hyper dunks are officially my favorite shoes. They are crazy light, very durable, and one of the most stylish shoes I've ever seen.

I fly with these shoes! Truly the best! Great ankle support even better than my jordans. I highly recommend these.

Awesome times million. The greatest shoes in the history of kind. Nothing else to say but perfect.

They are awesome, have great grip, support and so on and I love them, apart from the 2014 ones they are great with all these things

Really good design, probably the best shoe yet. Why wouldn't any basketball player get one of this brand? Awesome shoe!

BEST BASKETBALL SHOES EVER if you look closely you will see that almost Every NBA players wear these kicks

best shoes ever, Jocelyn is beast and so are the hyperdunks, I love these shoes so much. they are so light

Really good and comfy especially the 14.

Awesome super light super stylish and helps you walk with confidence on the court

Very comfortable at the same time it provides ankle support with great lightness.

Never would have got scouted if I would have never found these shoes!.. lol

Looks the best and feels the best. Very responsive in the court

Made the thing website thing...thing - ButtGreggHutt

The lightest basketball shoe ever made by NIKE - vato4

World best basketball shoe is Nike Hyperdunk

It is a nice shoes it very nice to play

The adizero crazy light 2.5 or the kobe 8

No these shoes suck way out dated.

Best shoes ever they are so light

lightest, nicest, and most comfurtable shoe ever made by Nike

The shoe is the best! Nothing can beat it. It's light, and the design is the best ever. Especially the new lunar hyperdunks. They're AWESOME!

The best pair of shoes made by Nike. Very comfortable.