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41 Under Armour Curry 2.5

Increases your jump shot percentage by 5 or 6

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42 Nike Foamposite

Foams are bad ass

43 Nike Zoom Kobe VII
44 Lotto Basketball Sports Shoes
45 Adidas AdiZero Crazy Light 2

They are crazy light

46 Converse Chuck Taylors

These are the "old school" shoes that Wilt Chamberlain wore when he scored 100 points in a single game, and also when he scored 60 ponts and had 40 rebounds in a single game, and also when he had a "Double Triple Double" with over 20 points, over 20 rebounds, and over 20 assists in a single game; he also scored several "Quadruple Doubles", with over 40 points and 40 rebounds in a single game.

47 Kyrie 1 ID

Best traction ever. I borrowed my friends pair because I couldn't find my KD 6's, and I liked them so much. The traction was amazing, very useful for quick moves, so if you're a guard, this is the number one shoe on your list.

Watch a guys talking about. These shoes have the best control.

These are awesome with great traction.The best ones I think are the green and gold ones

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48 Air Jordan X (10)

Great for basketball! Tight on the feet and get air!

49 Adidas Rose 3.0

This shoe is just great! The ankle support is amazing and the material feels like a cloud. Don't get me wrong, this shoe is nice, but you have some saving to do at 160 dollars compared to the Hyperdunk's 139.99.

50 Nike Lebron 11

If you don't like these you have bad taste in shoes

Best shoes in world but expensive

This deserves 10 or something

51 Spine Bionic Under Armour

Great traction great everything thinks for putting this up sqrew nike hyper dunk

Light weight comeroboule better rated than nike hypedund great traction pleas vote on it awesome shoe I also put up antatomix spaw under armour

52 Super Fly 3


53 Kyrie 1

If you're a guard, this is the number one shoe on your list. It is great for quick moves, it will be a great add to your game. Best traction ever!

54 Lebron 13

Black lion is the best lebron 13

Great shoes

55 Fila DLS Game 2
56 Converse Acropolis Mid

Great lightweight shoe that really needs a rerelease.

57 Nike Air Foamposite One - "Weatherman"
58 Nike Air Mag

Good traction not as good as under armour spine bionic or under armour anatomix spawen good shoe though

59 Adidas D Rose 5

I like it preferably that is my shoes. Killer!

Very nice shoes! Killer!

60 John Wall 1
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