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61 Air Jordan XX9 V 4 Comments
62 Kyrie 1

If you're a guard, this is the number one shoe on your list. It is great for quick moves, it will be a great add to your game. Best traction ever!

63 Jordan Retro 11
64 Jordan XXX1
65 APL Shoes

first ever shoe that has been banned on NBA because it makes your jump higher. - MONDAY

66 Air Jordan XIII

One of the most comfortable and best kicks to hoop in. They seem to give a sort of momentum and has great ankle support. The mattress mesh is a clean material that repels dirt (the leather equivalent on the "He Got Games" has the same properties) and the shoe tends to last for years.

67 Reebok Shaq

Nice shoe I put this up

68 Nike Kobe 8

Best shoes ever! I got a great deal on these shoes, paying only 70 bucks at an Nike outlet store. Little did I know they would be the best shoes I'd ever purchase. Due to the super-thick lunarlon insoles, the Kobe 8's provide maximum confort and super-sleek style. The colorways are not only eye-catching but also smartly designed. I've had many basketball shoes ( Including 2012 and 2013 hyperdunks, kd6s, and kd v elites) The Kobe 8s have the best traction out of any shoe I've ever worn. I give these shoes 9.8 stars out of ten. My only complaint is the crunching noise when you walk (which can't be heard in a game anyways. BEST SHOES EVER!

V 1 Comment
69 Air Jordan XX8

Killer shoe I got to get them there better than most shoes Jordan wore these a million times he should have that kid this shoe unsterile of the ugly one

70 Air Jordan VI

Best looking Jordan, ball is life.

71 Anatomix Spawn Under Armour

Super light weight better rated than nike hyper dunk cheap great style best traction flexible

Why is this not higher up, they are great, cheap and have awesome ankle support.

I put this up it is truly a awesome shoe I love it

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72 And1 Master Mid Two V 1 Comment
73 Under Armour Micro G Charge BB Fuego
74 Nike Air Jordan Future V 1 Comment
75 NIKE Air Jordan 4
76 Air Jordan Superfly 2 Po

Superfly way better than other model shoes and air Jordan superfly 2 very comforable

77 Jordan XX9
78 Lebron 12

Play in style, play great. No slowing down because of slippery shoes.

V 1 Comment
79 Kobe 9

What the hell
This list is so old
We have new and better basketball shoes know

V 1 Comment
80 Curry One V 1 Comment
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