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1 Rickenbacker

The best and most diverse... Get your list right!

Come on this should be on number 1.

Ric 4001/4003 can give you that Squire/Lee treble punch, the Lemmy grunge, or the Macca flat wound mellowness. An extremely high quality and versatile instrument.

Best bass you can buy

2 Spector

My absolute favorite bass hands down. The sound is unmatched, and the curved body fits just right. Just bought another!

Great for grunge/metal. Ranging from the Mike Starr sound to the Rex Brown sound. This will be the second bass brand I'll buy probably.

The best quality craft and sound! Warwick is awesome too! And schecter is great quality for the money! Prs basses too

Legit, versatile, melodic, and has great tone and a fat, rich sound.

3 Warwick

Any company that mainly focuses on Bass is good for me. Robert Trujillo uses Warwick and the tone are amazing. I think this should be number 1 or 2. I've used Ibanez basses too. Warwick and Ibanez best in the business.

Nothing beats the sound of wood. Warwick proves it.

c'mon warwick is the best!.. carvin and rickenbacker are good too!

No Deeper Darker Sound Around With the 5 Star "WARWICK CORVETTE $$"!

4 Fender

The sound is very right on the nuggets, it really hits the back bone of a song great example of a fender user and in my mind the best bass player ever geddy lee, and the song yyz great sound and very right on I recommend the 1972 jazz fender bass

They have the Precision and the Jazz, my two favorite basses

Have a fender it is great

I have a Precision bass now for 7 years and it remains awesome! Best bass I have ever owned.

5 Gibson

Gibson give a great tone of sound. The Epiphone's aren't that bad either. The thunderbird is beautiful.

Got a dark sounding thunderbird. No words when it comes to the studio

They are awesome and I love the sound of mine

Great sound. Versatile. Always one of the best.

6 Ibanez

you kno, it depends on what kinda genre you are playing. go for fender if you are playing soft rock, or jazz. if you play metal, ibanez is the best. ibanez has the truly solid sound and clear sounds.

Ibanez is easily the best bass brand for metal. Just looks at all of the insane sponsors it has. Paul Grey, Fieldy, Mike /d'antonio. If you play metal, this is the bass you wanna get.

I watched videos of all these bass brands, but this one has got to sound the coolest out of all the others. Ibanez rocks!

Fantastic sounding and great quality basses that are often pretty inexpensive. Insane value for their price

7 Kiesel
8 Music Man

Fender and Musicman are the best. I mean they made legendary basses like EB Stingray, Fender Precision, Fender Jazz Bass. Rickenbacker 4001 bass and Gibson Thunderbird are also amazing

I have a stingray 5, I treat it as if it was my child. Amazing basses with amazing tones, nothing more you can say than that really. You can't go wrong with Musicman

why isn't this in the first place? haven't you ever heard a stingray or what?
too, a sterling? a bongo? , a GAME CHANGER?

Got one and is the best great sound always in tune

9 Lakland

I have 2 Lakland's and have played many others including some "boutique" basses and still find me always digging out my trusty Lakland's night after night at my shows. I have a Skyline 55-01 with Nordstrand PU's and the OBP-3 Pre and a straight up stock Lakland 55-94 that are the best work horses I have ever played. Nice work on the basses and keep up the great craftsmanship y'all!

High end low price! Lovely!

I am a owner of a lakland 55aj and it serve me perfectly. The playability and sound is one of the best I have ever played. 35inch scale make the bass sounds so tight and the graphite reinforcement neck is very stable. Not to mention that the pre amp LH3 is excellent with a very versatile mid control.

10 Yamaha

I've had a 4string Yamaha bass for years and it has clear sound and an excellent neck

Yamaha bass guitar sound is really good have one bass guitar really good

Yamaha has nice sound its cute and nice

Better than gibson

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11 Schecter

It's a good affordable bass with awesome sound. I play at my church and everyone thinks it sounds awesome

Schecter make extremely comfortable guitars and basses with great clean and distorted tones

My love bass is Hellraiser Extreme-5.

Amazing sound.. For all genre

12 Cort

Cort basses are great!

I have a Cort GB34A Bass and It has an awesome sound. Try it and you wont regret it!

I think this bass will make diferece! I have one and is amazing! Try it, you wont regrate! To play any kind of music aslo good price!

I have a Cort GB-JB and I've been using it for four years now! Cort basses are great in terms of quality and value for money. :D

13 MTD

Most of my basses are Ibanez I have owned the Prestige for almost 5 years its amazing, but MTD is best. Plus you can order your own design.

I love the design of the grip on the fretboard. The reducer bulge and curve at the back makes playing on stage or in the studio for long hours such a relief. MTD designs totally rock and because I play different styles, I don’t have to switch guitars on stage. With one instrument, I can easily adjust my tone as the style of music changes from funk to soul, RnB, hip-hop and even Jazz. I LOVE MY MTD

Mochael Tobias,Master luthier,MTD includes buzz feitdn tuning system for perfect intonation on all the frets

14 Dean

I have a Dean Edge 10 and It sounds pretty sweet, not gonna lie. Slick tone.

I have a metalman ML and its seriously amazing. the dean humbucker sounds beautiful with deep growling that cuts through the music. value for money is second to none. looks fantastic

15 Washburn

I bought a Washburn in 1983 with my month's pay even though it was in the budget range of basses then. It is solid and reliable. I have played and owned a few others and still reach for the good old reliable. Well made; high mass bridge, through body strings, P pickups have that characteristic tone, and the neck is slim like the J bass. No doubt there are boutique brands that do all of this too, but not for the $.

Started playing bass on a Washburn. Played around with a few other makes on occasion, still prefer the Washburn.

I might get this bass so please comment.

16 Sadowsky

I have a metroline j vintange style and it beats any other bass I own or ever played in every aspect. Of course it is a matter of taste at the end but this basses are pure quality. Not a single defect and everything is how you expect. I never saw electronics like those ever in my life, not in lakland, musicman, prs and certainly not fender (as much as I love American p bass).

Really no comments. When you get down messing with mass produced junk buy a big S,

17 ESP

Saying which bass is best is completely stupid! It all depends on the STYLE of music you play. I can buy a 5 thousand dollar Warwick and its NOT going to sound better than a ESP bass if I'm playing Metal music. Each genre should have their own top 10

Forget saying ESP can't handle jazz or softer styles. Sure it can hit some metal riffs. But I have gotten sweet, rich tones from the same ESP bass just as easily. A good bassist can get tones for any style out of basses as well made as you get from ESP.

Very good for metal. Not great for anything lighter, but still sound amazing. Can get some great Metallica sounds out off them.

Simply the best tone for dark and heavy music. Don't need anything else...

18 Carvin
19 G&L

I've been playing for 20 plus years G&l hands down best bass I've ever owned

How are G and L Basses not on the list yet?

My first bass is a G&L JB-2, I'm very satisfied. Great tone.

This list most be for the best known not the best. Professionals must not know how else could G&L, Zon, and Fodera be rated lower than Jackson come on!

20 Peavey

I tried 2 peaveys and 2 ibanez basses on the same day, I liked 1 of each. I've never heard a Precision pick up sound so punchy and nice.

Play like a charm!

21 Jackson
22 Kramer

I have a Kramer Striker bass from1987. Loved it then and still sounds great 30 years later. It has a hotter sound with more treble than most basses. Good for Heavy Metal or punk.

Been playing a Kramer D-1, best bass I ever owned

Kramer forum basses

23 Fodera

No. 1 any day, all day - Victor Wooten plays a Fodera!


24 Epiphone
25 Hofner

Played by Paul McCartney

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