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21 Kramer

Been playing a Kramer D-1, best bass I ever owned

V 1 Comment
22 Fodera V 1 Comment
23 Eko
24 Epiphone
25 Jackson
26 Douche Basses

These are the worst but it's funny

27 Wal

Wal basses have the most punchy ringing sustain and tone I've ever heard on a bass guitar, and they are extremely attractive with their flamed maple tops, the only downside is the price

Chancellor and Lee makes best riffs!

Has a very special and metallic tone, not suitable for jezz, etc. But listen to the sounds Justin chancellor (Tool) makes with that bass E.G. the pot, stinkfist...

28 Hofner
29 Status Graphite V 1 Comment
30 Jens Ritter
31 Samick V 1 Comment
32 Gretsch
33 Danelectro

Nice for budget bass, great upbeat tone and clean or muddy, however you like it. I've got a dano 63 and I love it just as much my hybrid p-bass.

34 AXL
35 Dingwall V 1 Comment
36 Aria Pro Bass

Cliff Burton used these. So they're already the best brand

37 Jim Reed
38 Manne
39 Zon
40 Duesenberg

Best range, you can play any type of music on these and they blow every other brand away.

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