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41 One More Shot - C-Bank
42 Pictures of Home - Deep Purple

Also includes a bass solo - Metal_Treasure

43 Tool - The Pot

This is my favorite. Tool has the best basslines ever! - moose4life19

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44 Aces High - Iron Maiden
45 James Brown - Sex Machine
46 Megadeth - Trust
47 Alice in Chains - Would?

One of the best and darkest bass lines ever

48 Give It to Me Baby - Rick James
49 Lithium - Nirvana
50 Stanley Clarke - School Days

The people who vote on these are basically completely uninformed. Do any of them know anything at all about bass playing? Stanley Clarke is god.

51 Yes - Heart of the Sunrise

So THAT'S why this isn't top ten, no sample. At least yet, I hope. This song is pure controlled musical insanity, what yes does best

52 Red Hot Chili Peppers - Higher Ground

Classic slap.

53 Seinfeld - Kitsch and Camp
54 Guti (The Finale) - Aurthohin Guti (The Finale) - Aurthohin
55 Limp Bizkit - The Truth
56 Aeroplane - Red Hot Chili Peppers

This deserves to take By the Way's spot, By the Way deserves Tell me Baby's spot, and Tell me Baby's spot should be up here.

The solo, the bridge, the slap, this song is perfect bass.

57 Chic - Good Times

How is this- one of the most recognizable bass lines ever- not on the list already?

58 Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith


59 Bob Marley - Stir It Up
60 The Clash - London Calling
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