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81 Around the World - Daft Punk V 1 Comment
82 Led Zeppelin - The Lemon Song

How is this not number one? Has anyone even heard this song? The bassline is just genius.

83 Limp Bizkit - Re-Arranged
84 Mudvayne - Dig
85 Body Crumbles - Dry Cell
86 Forty-Six and Two - Tool
87 Lounge Act - Nirvana

This would be top ten if it was more popular but it's for some reason people prefer come as you are

Legendary. This, N.I.B, Killing in the Name and Hysteria.

88 Dragon Attack - Queen
89 The Chain - Fleetwood Mac

Listen to the bassline just past the 3:00 mark of this song. Wow. Absolutely fantastic. - hmcclung

90 Everybody Dance - Chic
91 Just A Touch Of Love - Slave
92 Jenny Was a Friend of Mine - The Killers

I can't believe you think stuff like Hysteria and Give it Away are so good, when there is such an amazing bassline in this Killers song. Take a listen, for goodness sake. - GGiant1921

93 Muse - Time Is Running Out

Best intro ever who. Muse in general is an epic band and I love the way they make the bass guitar a main feature instead of just a filling instruments.

94 Sound of Thunder - Duran Duran
95 The Valley - Duran Duran
96 Shake Dog Shake - The Cure
97 Colorado Bulldog - Mr. Big

I Wonder this song is off the top ten list. Because for me Billy Sheehan basslines is awesome. Geez I think you all must hear this song before not picking Mr. Big. I don't know maybe you all have another opinion but I just wonder why

98 No One Knows - Green Day

Far better than Longview, the Bass weeps and cries in this song is the main tune that plays throughout accompanying the ecstatic drumming and the Magnificent vocal work. Shame that this one is rarely mentioned by Green Day fans let alone fans of the Bass because personally this is my all-time favourite bass line (Better then Muse's Hysteria and Black Sabbath's NIB)

99 Thela Hun Ginjeet - King Crimson
100 Time - Pink Floyd
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