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41 The Silence

Have you? Heard? This song? Flaws is good too and daniel in the den but this song? Cry

This should at least be in top 10

Amazing tune and lyrics

Can't get bored of it.

Best song by them... Should be on the album.

My favorite song ever why is it so low?

42 Bite Down
43 The Anchor V 1 Comment
44 Weight of Living, Pt.I

AMAZING song! Great meaning in life! We all have trials/challenges/albatross that hang around our neck making life heavy. We must overcome! Amazing song! I can't believe this is ranked so low!

This song is FANTASTIC! It's way better than Pompeii if you ask me. Should be number 1. - Roseloom

I really do like Weight of Living Pt. 1 because of the albatross metaphor and its overall amazing-ness...

Great song. Lyrics are good too, with the symbolism using the albatross.

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45 Torn Apart

My personal favourite song right now. Just fantastic.

46 Dreams

Love Gabrielle Aplin & Bastille!

Feat. Gabrielle Aplin
Listen carefully to the sound of your loneliness

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47 An Act of Kindness

I love every bastille-song buuut An Act of Kindness will always be my most favorite one. It's a masterpiece!

48 Campus

I'm watching it all from afar
Heaven help me
I'm watching if all fall apart
Heaven help me
Help me

49 Bad News

One of their best. The use of remixes on in the chourus clash with its lyrics and make Bad_news sound epic!

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50 Weapon
51 Four Walls

A very good song with an interesting meaning behind it. I suggest this song to anyone who is looking to exercise their brain. I am glad that Bastille is an artist that isn't afraid to take on not so common subjects like this one. This song is about Perry Smith, an ex-convict convicted of murdering four members of a well-known family that resided in Holcomb, Kansas. This songs also gives some interesting political opinion on capital punishment.

A really undeerated song

My favorite.

52 No One's Here to Sleep

You were always faster than me. I'll never catch up with you, with you.
Oh I can feel them coming for me. Ost. TeenWolves #BASTILLE feat. NaughtyBoy

53 Thinkin Bout You

I love this song. It deserves to be in the top 20. Love The chorus!

54 Sweet Pompeii
55 Basement
56 Tuning Out...

Peace of mind
Hear the angel voices
Night divine, oh night, when Christ was born

57 Aqua Lung
58 You Make Me Feel
59 Walk to Oblivion
60 Free
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