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1 A Fine Day to Die A Fine Day to Die

No way no way! This should be first! The song keeps you up and never makes you tired. The half viking songs of Bathory are also great.

This is the anthem of all black metal music. If bathory hadn't come around, bands like mayhem, Burzum, satyricon, and Darkthrone would not be the same - ryanrimmel

2 One Rode to Asa Bay One Rode to Asa Bay

This song is a Viking masterpiece - Ananya

Greatest Viking Metal song in history, its a masterpiece that tells the story of the Christianization of the Vikings fantasticaly, possibly one of the greatest songs in history, its perfect.

This song is one of the best of Bathory. As the instrumental parts of the song are great, and the lyrics are extraordinary. The song tells a story, about the Christianization of Scandinavia, and the awesome vocals of Quorthon, create a fantastic atmosphere.

3 Enter the Eternal Fire Enter the Eternal Fire

If Tony Iommi wrote this riff, it would be considered the greatest riff in heavy metal. It's also proof black metal doesn't need to be fast to be brilliant. Also could be considered an influence on Burzum as it just rides that awesome riff through 80% of the song.

This song is absolutely amazing. - PhantomMilitia

4 Blood Fire Death Blood Fire Death

I love how is this perfectly between black and heavy metal. The vocals aren't growl but they doesn't seam normal either. And I love these choir aahs on the background. I would call it "atmospheric blackened heavy metal"

Beautiful song. - Brobusky

BEST SONG EVER... Lyrics, riffs and especially Quorthon's vocals... This is Bathory at it's best.

Quothon's vocals were extraordinarily great - Ananya

5 Call from the Grave Call from the Grave

Great song about a terrible imprisonment. I wonder who the caller is. Maybe an undead zombie?

6 The Golden Walls of Heaven The Golden Walls of Heaven

This could totally be a Slayer song. - Brobusky

7 Woman of Dark Desires Woman of Dark Desires
8 Valhalla Valhalla
9 Dies Irae Dies Irae

The riff reminds me of Fight Fire with Fire. - Brobusky

Extreme to the max - PureMayhem

10 For All Those Who Died For All Those Who Died

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? Hammerheart Hammerheart
? Armageddon Armageddon

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11 Raise the Dead Raise the Dead

Quorthon in his rawest musical form. Outstanding, traditional black metal. - VivaLaBrad39

12 Massacre Massacre
13 Baptise in Fire and Ice Baptise in Fire and Ice V 1 Comment
14 Holocaust Holocaust
15 Hades Hades

Outstanding...bathory can't be better than this - Ananya

Best Black Metal song by Bathory. - GREYBOYY

16 Born to Die Born to Die
17 Shores in Flames Shores in Flames

My favorite Bathory song. Wonder why it doesn't have a higher rating

18 Mother Earth Father Thunder Mother Earth Father Thunder
19 Reaper Reaper
20 Sacrifice Sacrifice
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1. Enter the Eternal Fire
2. Armageddon
3. Blood Fire Death
1. One Rode to Asa Bay
2. A Fine Day to Die
3. Blood Fire Death
1. A Fine Day to Die
2. One Rode to Asa Bay
3. Blood Fire Death

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