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1 A Fine Day to Die

No way no way! This should be first! The song keeps you up and never makes you tired. The half viking songs of Bathory are also great.

This is the anthem of all black metal music. If bathory hadn't come around, bands like mayhem, Burzum, satyricon, and Darkthrone would not be the same - ryanrimmel

Masterpiece! It's Just so beautiful And great - MoeinTPS

Not only Bathory's greatest song, but in the top 5 all time greatest metal songs. thing has it all.

2 Enter the Eternal Fire

If Tony Iommi wrote this riff, it would be considered the greatest riff in heavy metal. It's also proof black metal doesn't need to be fast to be brilliant. Also could be considered an influence on Burzum as it just rides that awesome riff through 80% of the song.

You need 30 seconds into THE ETERNAL FIRE of addiction to this song, if you wanna start hearing out bathory this song will get you hooked no problem - Nutty Nyc

The greatest black metal riff! - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345


3 One Rode to Asa Bay

Bathory is excellent at what they do, which happens to be both black and Viking metal. This song is basically their crowning honor

This song is a Viking masterpiece - Ananya

Greatest Viking Metal song in history, its a masterpiece that tells the story of the Christianization of the Vikings fantasticaly, possibly one of the greatest songs in history, its perfect.

When you listen to bathory, it's like you're having a dream. and you don't fully notice it till the song ends and you wake up and say : Oh My God, I wish I never woke up. this song does that to me. masterpiece song. love it so much - MoeinTPS

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4 Shores in Flames

My favorite Bathory song. Wonder why it doesn't have a higher rating

5 Blood Fire Death

I love how is this perfectly between black and heavy metal. The vocals aren't growl but they doesn't seam normal either. And I love these choir aahs on the background. I would call it "atmospheric blackened heavy metal"

Beautiful song. - Brobusky

BEST SONG EVER... Lyrics, riffs and especially Quorthon's vocals... This is Bathory at it's best.

Quothon's vocals were extraordinarily great - Ananya

6 Equimanthorn

This song is too good to be this low, my favorite from Bathory

7 The Wheel of Sun

This is the greatest song in Bathory's entire discography. A proggy, doom/Viking epic that marches on with pain for twelve minutes straight. And Quorthon's vocals are as stron as ever. - Caleb9000

This is a masterpiece! when quorthon sings : Of Sun! every time I get goosebumps and eargasm :| - MoeinTPS

8 Call from the Grave

Great song about a terrible imprisonment. I wonder who the caller is. Maybe an undead zombie?

Here my call from the grraaavve!

9 Dies Irae

The riff reminds me of Fight Fire with Fire. - Brobusky

Extreme to the max - PureMayhem

10 The Golden Walls of Heaven

This could totally be a Slayer song. - Brobusky

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? Home of Once Brave

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11 Holocaust
12 The Lake

Second bathory song I heard and it got me hooked. The song is beautiful, nothing extreme, simple and so atmospheric it gives you goosebumps.

The chorus of this song is so incredibly epic. It gives me chills every time. Quorthon was a true genius. Every one of his songs shows it perfectly.

13 Baptise in Fire and Ice

Definitely my favorite from hammerhear

14 Woman of Dark Desires

A song about Elizabeth Bathory. - InsanityJoe

15 Valhalla
16 Hammerheart

Beautiful song - Caleb9000

Amazing! - Oliwally

17 Ring of Gold

This is what they play in Valhalla

18 Raise the Dead

Quorthon in his rawest musical form. Outstanding, traditional black metal. - VivaLaBrad39

19 Hades

Outstanding...bathory can't be better than this - Ananya

Best Black Metal song by Bathory. - GREYBOYY

20 For All Those Who Died
21 Necromancy

This song needs to be higher man...if you listen carefully to this song and War by Burzum you will find out that Burzum was influenced by this song to make War. The riffs are very similar

This song is judt brutal. Really like the heavy bass in it. Would definitely be a perfect match for the scene in GoT where the White walkers charge the wall!

22 Death and Resurrection of a Northern Son
23 Nordland

First Bathory song I ever heard, I love others but this one O have a special love because introduced me to a great band and I had to vote for it

24 Father to Son

Amazing riffs and epic lyrics, no need to say more.

25 Twillight of the Gods

Their best for sure - Fakol

26 Born for Burning

When I heard it...I got so much mesmerized that I can't say - Ananya

27 Massacre
28 Song to Hall Up High
29 Total Destruction

WAY BETTER than buttfookin 47 down here, COME ON you Viking noids!

30 Mother Earth Father Thunder
31 Oden's Ride Over Nordland
32 Armageddon
33 Blood and Iron
34 Foreverdark Woods

So very very very very beautiful
it fills me with this pride of the northern lands
this feeling of conquering something big

being victorious...
its beauty in chaos...

35 Sacrifice
36 Reaper
37 Satan My Master
38 Born to Die
39 Man of Iron

Best of all

40 13 Candles
41 To Enter Your Mountain
42 The Woodwoman
43 Lake of Fire
44 Ode
45 Vinland
46 Psychopath

The most insane songs of Bathory. I don't believe it hadn't been added

47 War Machine
48 The Return of Darkness and Evil
49 The Revenge of the Blood on Ice
50 Through Blood by Thunder
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