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21 The Golden Walls of Heaven

This could totally be a Slayer song. - Brobusky

22 Dies Irae

The riff reminds me of Fight Fire with Fire. - Brobusky

Extreme to the max - PureMayhem

23 Armageddon
24 Sacrifice
25 Massacre
26 Raise the Dead

Quorthon in his rawest musical form. Outstanding, traditional black metal. - VivaLaBrad39

27 For All Those Who Died
28 Nordland

First Bathory song I ever heard, I love others but this one O have a special love because introduced me to a great band and I had to vote for it

29 Lake of Fire
30 Mother Earth Father Thunder
31 Song to Hall Up High
32 Necromancy

This song needs to be higher man...if you listen carefully to this song and War by Burzum you will find out that Burzum was influenced by this song to make War. The riffs are very similar

This song is judt brutal. Really like the heavy bass in it. Would definitely be a perfect match for the scene in GoT where the White walkers charge the wall!

33 Father to Son

Amazing riffs and epic lyrics, no need to say more.

34 Reaper
35 Satan My Master
36 Home of Once Brave
37 Born to Die
38 13 Candles
39 Ode
40 Psychopath

The most insane songs of Bathory. I don't believe it hadn't been added

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