The Dark Knight


They say the only way to fight darkness, is light.

Not in this movie. In most comic based movies, the hero is the light. Not in this movie, my opinion this is. We saw Batman. Bruce Wayne's dark alter ego. The source of his power. The dark side of his mind made him who Batman is. He uses it to understand, and beat darkness. The way Nolan crushed the crusader image of Batman was something I can't describe with words. Light on it's pure form was Morgan Freeman as Fox, Michael Cain as Alfred, Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel and Gary Oldman as Gordon.
And there was Heath Ledger. He was nothing like the old Jokers. Not even in the comic books. It was the most villain I've ever seen on movie that even Darth Vader can't match him.

The Dark Knight is a film that can impact a person's perspective to films. I am a Marvel Fanboy who thinks DC movies suck but this film flipped the switch and became one of my favorite movies of all time. Christian Bale is fantastic as Batman since he is not wearing Hockey Pads. The action is awesome and surpasses any DC film. Aaron Eckhart as Harvey is underrated because his performance is amazing and his face is scary. And finally to beat the dead horse, Heath Ledger's portrayal as the joker is the best villain portrayal ever. Not just the best Joker or best Batman. The best villain. Can Loki make a pencil disappear? I don't think so. Ledger even gets punched in the face and just laughs at it. That so terrifying yet so awesome. Too bad he is not alive to know how great he was. The Dark Knight is not just "the best Batman movie" as this list suggest. It is a movie that gives DC and Batman a true reason to stand throughout time.

None of the other Batman movies (not even Batman Begins) can compare to this masterpiece.

Pitting the most iconic superhero in the world against his most iconic foe was always going to create a high-profile movie, but Ledger's performance took it to an iconic status. Nolan's gritty, real-world style characters ground the movie and ensure it never gets to the distractingly cartoonish level that previous Batman movies reached. Simply the best Batman movie, and arguably the best comic book movie ever made.

Oh. My. God. The best superhero movie ever. Rises had a lot of plot holes, one of the only cool parts was the chopper scene where bane and soldiers ravage a chopper. This is Dark Knight. Heath Ledger was literally ahead of his time as an actor. It sucks he died after the movie... Unlike other Batman villains who want money or revenge, here, the Joker just wants to see Gotham burn for no reason at all. -

"You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain".

This is one of those golden lines because of which I like this movie. The Dark Knight will remain the best batman movie ever made and I can guarantee that. Not only the dialogues but the story, the cinematography, the background score and everything is awesome...

My second favourite batman movie, beaten only by "the dark night rises". This has the best acting in any superhero movie by far, especially heath ledger. The Joker provided an insane villain and two face a crazy side show. Although I think this movie lacks some action, and a final battle. That's why "the dark night rises, is my favourite.

If you hate this movie.. You obviously don't know what a good movie is. The movie is so awesome and action packed. Filled with excitement, makes you wanna watch it over and over again. The bat-suit is also very dark and scary. It shows who batman is meant to be not some light angel.

Christian Bale and Heath Ledger were amazing and they were flawless, I must add. The movie had a few plot-holes but neglecting that, this movie was amazing and the storyline was fantastic and gripping. The characters, the plot, the memorable scenes, the cast, the beginning, the ending, the bgm and everything else was fantastic. I think The Dark Knight is easily the best movie of Batman. - FieryKnightFloyd

This is an amazing movie. Screw being the best Batman movie it's easily the best superhero movie ever. Everything is amazing, the story, the acting, action, music, cinematography and stunts are all amazing. And of course the best villain portrayal ever in Heath Ledgers Joker. If you thought Nocholsons was good then you will be awed by Ledgers amazing performance. There are no flaws. As close are you can get to being perfect.

This was just a work of art. The acting, cinematography, music, plot, action and special effects were all excellent. However, the part that stands out most to me is the tone. A masterpiece.

In comparison to all batman movies the "bad guy" (joker) gives you the creepy and disgusting hatred any film would dream of. The story of the film is awesome, it couldn´┐Ż't have been made better by any film-company. It simply is an artistic creation and any action lovers with a feeling for fear before hope wold love this one more than I do.

This movie is great but it was more of a side story because there is no mentioning of Ra's al Ghul. But Heath Ledger did the best performance for the Joker character in any movie. - cwf123

When I saw this film first time, I did not like this film. But years later, I came to know about Mr. Nolan and how his films became both critical and commercial success. And then I saw this film several times and now I love its story, direction, acting, stunts and Joker and Batman. The Best One in the Batman franchise...yet... No doubt.

Awesome does not begin to describe this movie, but jack nicholson is still a better joker than heath (don t get me wrong I loved heath performance).

The best batman movie ever in history hands down. The joker role performed by the late Heath Ledger was perfect.

My favourite batman movie, the plot is as good as batman begins and Heath leader just steals the show. I love it when he comes out and kicks some ass

Heath ledger as joker and christian bale as batman performance praised great story with awesome climax

Best of all batman and best one ever Ben you will destroy the franchise we need Christian bale back

Nobody could beat Heath ledgers performance and probably the best superhero movie of all time. - rater

This is by far the best. There is no point in even debating it.

The most dark movie and it's so different from these funny superhero movies

One of the best movies of all time and wins by a mile

Awesome climax especially the words spoken by gordon (police officer)

The greatest movie ever. Blows everything before it out of the water.