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21 Son of Batman

Son of a Batman! - Extractinator04

22 The Lego Batman Movie

I know there’s been a few lego batman short films but in this instance I’m refering to the 2017 Lego Batman movie! This movie takes everything everybody loves about batman and makes it better. It’s like the Dark Knight Trilogy on steroids yes somehow they keep it family friendly and a movie everybody even non batman or lego fans can enjoy.

23 Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part II
24 Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman V 1 Comment
25 Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker
26 Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders
27 Batman: Bad Blood
28 The Batman vs. Dracula

This is a great crossover between the great superhero batman and a horror icon dracula

V 2 Comments
29 Superman Batman: Public Enemies
30 Batman and Harley Quinn
31 Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero

Whoever thinks this is the best thing in the world is dumb

I like this one, it is the best one. far, far better than the dark knight. BEst movie ever. Better than star wars. so good. MR. Freeze is so funny and awesome, so is Batman. Truly Batman at his greatest. Best thing about this world, even.

32 Superman/Batman: Apocalypse
33 Justice League vs. Teen Titans
34 Justice League Justice League
35 Batman vs. Robin
36 Goosebumps

Lol, Since when was this a batman movie? - VideoGamefan5

Goosebumps man

37 The Batman Superman Movie

Awesome. The First crossover between batman and superman.

38 Batman and Robin

You mean Batman vs Robin? Batman and Robin is already on the list. It - RalphBob

Are you kidding me, Damian is A... Well he's not nice

V 1 Comment
39 Justice League: Doom
40 Star Jjangga 2: Super Batman vs Mazinger V

Brought to you by the Republic of Korea - Golder

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