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1 Battlefield: Bad Company 2

I completely agree with this one being first on the list and kinda happy bf3 didn't climb over its rank. This game hands down is my favorite battlefield game ever! Looking back and taking notes on what they did right with this game, in my opinion are/is, the soundtrack, very memorable orchestra and each level had its own unique sound, (personal favorite: that one desert map I forgot the name of), the sound effects were pretty spot on as well. The visuals, especially the vibrant colors, that mixed well with the diversity of the maps, (another thing they did right with this game, diversity), bright green jungles, snowy towns and forest, day and nighttime, jungles, Russian forest in the season of fall, scrap yards and ships. The destruction, nearly every single building in this game wasn't safe, even the ground takes damage! Buildings completely level out when enough damage is taken, craters in the ground were created when c4 and anti tank mines detonated, this dynamic feature made ...more

This was the funnest Battlefield out of all of them and it is a classic. The enviroment was great and I loved the multiplayer. The graphics definitely stood out for its time because there was not many games having as good graphics.

Only played this and 4 both about 30-50 hours and this is much better


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2 Battlefield 3

The best

The masterpiece.

This game has the best aircraft combat out of all the battlefields. No cake walk here, you have to be good to fly. It takes the cake for this reason in addition to many others.

The best first person shooter of 2011 and the most realistic game of all time! If that doesn't deserve top spot then I don't know what does.

The campaign is really really good and I enjoyed every minute of it. I really liked the story line and it was the greatest story in a Battlefield game.

The multiplayer is just absolutely amazing! There is a great variety of weapons, the maps are giant and the games can last 10-20 minutes and the vehicles you can drive/fly are just awesome.

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3 Battlefield 4

The multiplayer is absolutely amazing

Best game ever

Just pass the two missions and it is astonishing

Best battlefield game on current gen consoles

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4 Battlefield 1

It's just absurd to put any other Battlefield or even war game ahead of this one. This is just perfection, you truly feel in the middle of the immense chaos of a battle.

Well made battlefield ever

Felt like war

Better than battlefield - LuckyLeftist

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5 Battlefield 2

Nade spam heaven. Before the Grenade got nerf in the other game, you can play support and get infinite grenade. But the game is good though

very good

Incredibly fun game and I believe that the older games are better than the newer ones (Battlefield 3, Battlefield: Bad Company 2) because those games are way to serious and not fun. Battlefield 2 was perfect and there will never be one as good as it.

Battlefield 2 is a classic, it set the bar high for other shooters. It doesn't have the best graphics but it will give lots of fun to players

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6 Battlefield: 1942

You can play as a National Socialist,i love this game!

Much Vehicles and maps.
Tanks, jeeps, Planes, Ships and more

This is the best Battlefield game ever made and surely the best WW2 ever made. I think many of you'd agree that older games are better than newer games. They're just more fun to play, and they have all that is needed to provide the intense feeling of an actual war. New games are all about graphics and hype and they DO NOT have as good stories as the older ones. So soldiers, thumbs up for the original Battlefield game! This is how it all started!

Maps are not cluttered. The new battlefield games has too many things.. Trees, houses.. Etc etc..

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7 Battlefield: Bad Company

Great game, was groundbreaking with its Frostbite engine. A great buy at only $6.99 at gamestop.

Great Game you have to get it!

Although not as 'well looking' or 'patched' this was my first FPS shooter and the ps3 and boy.. I put a lot of hours in this game. Simple amazing the choppers, artillery and of course.. those destructions at its time! Purely nostalgia its number one for me!

Better than bf4 (no freezes no damage on HDD after playing like bf4)

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8 Battlefield: Hardline

Battlefield Hardline is a very fun game to play. It can get very tense in Multiplayer. Story is pretty good but very short. Multiplayer is what makes this game. Worth the buy.

The dlc's of it was awesome

"There is more weapons and gadgets to use to your advantage, better graphics, and you don't have to level up to unlock weapons and gear because you can buy them

It's the best game I ever played. The story is very short but very good. I just play multiplayer. It isn't just like the other battlefields. It is with cops and gangsters and the places are very good!

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9 Battlefield 1943

Great graphics, always fun, and a good game to play when you get bored. It's perfect for people who are always getting killed by the same guns over and over, as you don't unlock new guns.

Cheap, great graphics, and no unlocks. A great game to play without having to dedicate time to it.

So far the only game to use frostbite for the WW2 era, this game was, in my opinion, one of the best experiences you could have in a game. It's brutally simplistic gunplay (no rds sights in WW2) made it much more authentic and accessible.

Also, nothing beats running around with a katana.

10 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam

This is a very unique experience that makes the original bfbc2 gameplay look slightly boring! And trust me that is very hard to do!

Best dlc game of battlefield - codvsbf

The only game in the series that makes Bad Company 2 look sort of dull

Probably the only DLC I've ever seen that is actually 100% worth the money.

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11 Battlefield 2142

No problems with history, no problems with reality. Just fun. Titan mode, for evah!

For it's time the graphics are fantastic. Like all Battlefield games it requires teamwork and skill.
Highly recommend to try this out for anyone that hasn't played Battlefield 2142.

The gear was futuristic and fair the armor (walkers, tanks, APC, ext ext ext, were all greatly designed and balanced. It had by far better Air combat then any battlefield (never played 2 or 1942) o and a little thing called TITAN MODE its number 1 for sure.

What other battlefield offered what 2142 did? Mechs, future weapons, high tech equipment... The maps were the best of all too. They should have just build on this idea and not have gone back to old war or modern settings.

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12 Battlefield V

Its great. Not historical accurate doe.

Great gameplay, bad sjw

When this game gets released it will be better than all battlefield games including battlefield 1 but this game wasn't released so I hope this game will be released

13 Battlefield: Vietnam

Easily the best Battlefield and perhaps one of the best games of all time.

Probably one of EA's most overlooked games of all time. I don't remember any advertising for it, and I was really lucky that my brother purchased it by chance. If he hadn't, would have never been able to experience this masterpiece. The landscape, structures, chosen battlegrounds, and radio chatter really draws you into the Vietnam War. It wasn't just a game; it was 'Nam, and it was intense. Very little BS mechanics wise and balanced how it should have been (US Air superiority, Vietnamese special perks). And no one who played can forget flying through the skies in a huey while blasting Surfin' Bird, Fortunate Son or any of the other great tracks in this game. In fact, whenever I hear music that was featured in this game, I think of my experience in Vietna... Er... I mean Battlefield Vietnam.

Great Game!

No doubt, although it's quite old, but the fun is unbelievable. Loved everything about the game from the instant battles against bots to the glories of multiplayer fun.

Still my favorite after all these years. I kept my pc running XP until last christmas because of how much I love the music and online play compared to battlefield 2 and 3. No game will beat the feeling of flying a mig 17 in this game

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14 Battlefield 3: Armored Kill
15 Battlefield 3: Close Quarters
16 Battlefield Play4free

For me is the best, bf3 is for high quality graphics and nothing action

Aamazing game! And on top of it its free.. I love it... It's just fantastic! Awesome and Great game..

Wrost battlefield game no doubut - codvsbf


17 Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand

Yes best expansion pack ever! This is the best exspansion pack for BF3

18 Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

Online mode in this game was way to much fun.

Great game for 9 year olds no swearing and great game I think this is the most child friendly games with guns you do get battlefield hereos but that is a bit to cartoonish

This game started it all, the multiplayer hooked so many people into the FPS category!

19 Battlefield Heroes

Why is this at 12? Its one of the only battlefield games I enjoyed

I have worked on most of these boyfriend games, and my all time favorite and the game that I am the most proud of is boyfriend Heroes. I'm even in the trailer!

Awesome game. Loved it, and it's a beast game. Why us this not in top 5?

Game was legendary. Don't understand? Play it now. You will see.

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20 Battlefield 2: Euro Force
21 Battlefield 2: Armored Fury
22 Battlefield 2: Special Forces

Added a new twist to battlefield saga. Spent countless hours playing, Smoke grenade launcher was awesome!

23 Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike
24 Battlefield Online
25 Battlefield 3: End Game
26 Battlefield 3: Aftermath
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