Battlefield: Bad Company 2


I really wanted to love BF3, but it just doesn't have the same feel as BFBC2. BF3 feels like it is trying to be a Modern warfare knockoff. BFBC2 fells more like it requires more team work and strategy than BF3. The multiplayer in BF3 feels more linear, in that it seems like everyone is more interested in kill to death ratio than accomplishing team objectives. I hope BF4 is more like BFBC2 than BF3.

This Battlefield has the most thought-out multiplayer of all games. It might be simple in many aspects, but that's why it worked. Pratically everything was balanced out in a "risk-reward" mechanic, vehicles felt powerful, but still vulnerable, and team work always won the day. It had a fantastic selection of maps that all worked great with the main mode, Rush, and had a lot of care put into the sound design. In no other game can you plan around after recognizing that the guy screaming next door is an engineer or a recon. All of this combined made for an extremely fun experience.

I loved Bad Co. 2. The single player was fun and had a decent story, and was a good way to get a hang of mechanics. The multiplayer was what was the best part. Not too fast, or slopw, it was balanced, and it relied on real teamwork. Pilots couldn't be successful without gunners, cars were almost useless without other people in it, etc, etc. The classes all had use too. Snipers could spot and take out targets far away, engineers were there for vehicles, assault was there for just power, and medics could heal and bring teammates from the dead. Also, I loved the vehicles. All had advantages and disadvantages.

The graphics were ground breaking. EVERY map was fantastic, unlike BF3 where there were some maps where one the play could be stuck for ages on on point of play (e.G. Metro).

This game had it all - strategy, team play, fun, skill and the list goes on.

It didn't try to overload on weapons and hence complexity. The philosophy was simple - concentrate on game play and the rest will follow.

There probably will never be another Battlefield like it.

Most fun Battlefield game I have ever played. The Campaign was very entertaining, and really got you into the characters. It had the best DLC, that wasn't completely overpriced like the more recent boyfriend games. The online multiplayer was absolutely perfect. Perfect balancing of foot soldiers vs vehicle warfare. To me, the best online first-person shooter of all time.

Grounds blown up, buildings collapsed, exploding canisters, the deadly tank, merciless snipers, what can't be more fun? Too bad the game itself is dead. I wish the game is free for a week so a lot of people who hadn't bought this game, can now have the full for free. I really missed this game. - johnfoe

Classic... Says it all... This is definitely the best Battlefield and one of the best FPS games too! The graphics, the storyline, the gameplay... Everything is amazing... Love this game... Cheers DICE and EA... And thank you for making such an awesome game!

Love the new rush mode, and had the best campaign any battlefield can offer, The graphic is still hold up to this day and it's on steam! Even better! Don't forget the Vietnam DLC

Way better than Battlefield 3! It is a lot more fun to play and very cool. Great fun with friends.

Battlefield 3 no dragged me in such as battlefield bad company 2 bad company had a lot of BOOM! And this is was a lot of fun bad company 2 felt great and good bad company 2 was very serious like the outer battlefield games battlefield 3 destroyed the frenchaise a I can't wait for battlefield 4

This game was just perfection, the story was hilarious and the multiplayer was sold. A truly great game

The best if the franchise. Somehow with an older frostbite engine, it pulls off destructible buildings better than 3/4. Nothing like lobbing a carl gustov into a straw hut and watching the whole thing disappear. Hiding inside a house is never safe against vehicles. The levels are designed much better, especially rush, which weren't just conquest maps that someone turned into a rush mode, they were maps designed around rush and so had a waay better feel and progression. Obviously there was some change in management or design when they switched from bad company to bf3/4.

I had fun with the dialogs between B-company personels, advanced graphics (i think the graphics is same like Battlefield 3). Lots of improvement especially the multiplayer. Bad Company 2 delivers branching storyline and one of the bests in the series

Played all of the battlefield games after this and this one, boyfriend 3 and 4 is fun to play, mainly because of the name and graphics, but this game is the best. destruction in this was awesome, it just makes you wanna blow up the wall instead of going through the door. just an awesome game

Very fun game you can play it for years and it won't get old on multiplayer

There's nothing like firing a Barrett at another recon half a mile away, then waiting 3 seconds for the headshot to pop up on the hud.

Multiplayer on this game was fast and fun, and reliable. Campaign was great, especially the characters and voice acting.

This was the Battlefield that had personality and gameplay perfected. It even had the best theme song.

Exaggerating place that gives you a feel that no other game can ever give!

This is the only battlefield in witch I really liked campaign

Not only best battlefield game but best 1st person shooting game ever made what a game

Absolutely true. This game had the best campaign. The destruction was spectacular.

This game is by far the best Battlefield game in my opinion.

Destructive, lots and lots of cool stuff and yet still encourages team playing.

Kinda realistic yet very fun. It feels like the weapons have power while in bf3 they feel like airsoft