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1 The Thrill is Gone

I loved B.B. King, way back when I was young... And he was a lot younger. That was quite a time, the Temptations, the Supremes. Otis Redding and the list goes on and on. What a time and so many great memories. And THAT WAS MUSIC!

Smooth. Blues. You really can't get too much better. The listen to this.

Going to miss that great guy. One of the corner stones of the blues. Rest in peace!

Nothing but the best

2 Every Day I Have the Blues

I don't know why there isn't even one comment on any of this great man's songs.. he was one of the best guitarists the world has ever seen... and God of the blues.. and this is surely his best song..! though I feel five years gone should be somewhere on this list.. - parthsalvi.1

I wish there were more hours in the day, more days in a year and more years in infinity to listen to every original Blues song ever recorded and covered, but sadly there aren't. This title sums it up for me and B.B King is the man to sing it. - Britgirl

Blues do not get better than this. Period.

3 When Love Comes to Town
4 Rock Me Baby
5 Blues Boys Tune
6 Lucille
7 Don't Answer the Door

Top of the line.

8 Why I Sing the Blues
9 The Letter
10 Lonely Nights

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? Since I Met You Baby

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11 Three O'Clock Blues
12 Lord Have Mercy On Me
13 No Money, No Luck Blues
14 Rainin' All the Time
15 You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now
16 Sweet Little Angel
17 That Evil Child
18 How Blue Can You Get?
19 Happy Birthday Blues
20 Paying the Cost to the Boss
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1. The Thrill is Gone
2. Blues Boys Tune
3. Rock Me Baby
1. The Thrill is Gone
2. Every Day I Have the Blues
3. When Love Comes to Town



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