Best Beady Eye Songs

List of the best Beady Eye (Liam Gallagher's new Band) Songs.

The Top Ten Best Beady Eye Songs

1 The Roller

Feel Good Heart Warming could make Liam’s Solo work anyway of the week - MJMJ666

Come on... This is easily the best song by Beady Eye SO FAR, this is so good that I'd put in the top 5 "Oasis" songs if I could. It's that good. Listen to the guitar riff.

Easily their best song yet. I'd even go as far as saying this is the best Rock song of 2011.

Sounds a lot like Karma! By John Lennon but unlike that song, this has intense guitar! - super8

2 Flick of the Finger

The meaning behind the song - basically they’re saying the government and terrorists are the same - WOW VERY BOLD - MJMJ666

Absolutely amazing song! The depth of the instruments is awesome. Definitely in the top three!

Massive sound, probably as good as four letter word or rock and roll star!

One of the best songs this decade from the best album of 2013!

3 The Beat Goes On

"So long, so long someday all the world will sing my song"

If Liam ever wanted to be like Lennon, this is pretty damn close.

What? One of the best song in this 2 recent decade on number ten, I'm really disagree with this chart, THE BEAT GOES ON IS THE MOST AWESOME SONG I HAVE ever HEARD

"So long, so long someday all the world will sing my song"

Lennon 100% - Should be on Why Me Why Not - MJMJ666

4 Four Letter Word

It has the same vibe as Rock and Roll Star - As soon as the album goes on BANG! - MJMJ666

Best rock track of 2011

Overrated shouldn't be in beady eyes top 10 the


5 Millionaire
6 Second Bite of the Apple

Didn't like it at first but it really grew on me after two or three listens. Looking forward to the album.

That base line man! Along with the beat = magic

Even better than 'The Roller'

7 Beatles and Stones
8 Start Anew

The song has no chorus. And that's what's amazing about it. It keeps the same angelic melody but doesn't make the song in anyway boring. The beautiful fingerstyle guitar, the unique voice of liam and the percussion is what makes this song truly beautiful. Liam proves to us once again that he can write classics.

One of the best songs I've ever heard, let alone from Beady Eye. A truly brilliant song. This song has changed my life, it starts off so perfect and slow and continues from there.

Authentic Liam. In this song he shows his talent as a songwriter as well as a unique singer. The caliber of Start Anew rivals that of the best Oasis acoustic songs

It could be a # 1 oasis single.
It should be a massive hit around the world

9 Sons of the Stage

I thought it was an original and thought this is BIBLICAL gutted to Hear it was a cover - MJMJ666

Great, even if it is a cover.

10 Bring the Light

Fresh and well underrated a proper rocker!

Played this song live the other day, that was fun. - IronSabbathPriest

The Contenders

11 Kill for a Dream
12 Soul Love

Really, really underrated track. Its sinister and eerie, which makes it a real gem in the album

This song, unlike most beady eye songs, actually bangs - Malone

A history of a depressing and passionate guy.

Simple yet banging guitar tune - MJMJ666

13 For Anyone

For Anyone sounds so catchy for me this is so much like The Beatles and this is absolutely different from Oasis. Except this all songs in "Different Gear, Still Speeding" is just okay. I'm waiting for beady eye's new great songs that will be released this year

14 Three Ring Circus
15 The Morning Son

This song is Liam’s message to Lennon or Noel I’m not sure which one yet?
He’s in my mind he’s in my soul he’s even in my rock and roll - MJMJ666

16 Man of Misery
17 Wind Up Dream
18 Iz Rite

This song shows that Liam Gallagher still has the ability to reach those classic vocal harmonies that he did with Oasis. Well written as well!

Has a real Oasis feel to it and yet somehow it suits Beady Eye more than Oasis. A real highlight of BE, with notable influences from John Lennon

19 Off at the Next Exit
20 Shine a Light
21 I'm Just Saying

Best song on the album. Could have been an oasis song. Love it

22 Across the Universe
23 Back After the Break

With a little more production it would/should of been a single. Should also be included in Liams set list - right up there with "Beat Goes On" and "Let's All Make Believe".

24 Standing on the Edge of the Noise
25 World Outside My Room

Amazingly simple, yet brilliant. The song, in my opinion, has to be one of there best/most underrated songs!

26 Soon Come Tomorrow
27 Ballroom Figured
28 Evil Eye

What a tune! Why did it not make the album? Best song they've done apart from the roller!

29 Don't Brother Me

Don't brother me has amazing vocals and lyrics

30 World's Not Set In Stone
31 Wigwam

Brilliant though... Kinda sounds like oasis... Liam's voice is just so awesome.. And music is just too great

32 Two of a Kind
33 Blue Moon

Blue Moon is Chant of Manchester City and I'm Mancity Fans and I Like It

34 In the Bubble With a Bullet

Ok, I may change my opinion on this but right now, having listened to loads of their tracks again after a long time of not listening to them, this is a hugely underrated song and I'm thinking at very least it has to be in the top 10 and at the momment it's my number one.

35 Face the Crowd
36 Dreaming of Some Space
37 Girls In Uniform
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