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1 Cocker Spaniel #4184

I have one named Biskita, she is the girl virsion of biscuit. I love her beautiful frizzy ears. - Eric33345

2 Blue Jay #4202

I came up with the best name for my stuffed animal blue jay, her name is... Blue jay, who would of thought- Eric33345

I like blue jay and I would defiantly buy it if it wore a beanie boo

3 Black Poodle #4191

I have one named poodley, I love her little red ribbons in her ears. - Eric33345

4 Bear (Club Exclusive 1) N/A

I have one named rainbow. I named him rainbow bear because he has a rainbow colored ribbon around his neck. He also has a pin on his heart that is rainbow colored- Eric33345

5 Buffalo #4209

My stuffed animal buffalos name is chip, you know like the bison for the baseball team! He is so cool-Eric33345

I love buffalos and beanie babies. In fact I am a beanie baby collector. I have a buffalo named roam too.

6 Bear (2000 Holiday Teddy) #4332

I have one named snowball, I just think that he is adorable! Exspecialy his little red scarf- Eric33345

7 Rabbit #4216

I do have a white rabbit and her name is May. She is related to the next one on the list-Eric33345

8 Rabbit #4217

This rabbit is related to May the beanie baby above her. Her name is April. April is a brown bunny-Eric33345

9 Pelican #4107

What animal has a huge beak, a pelican! And I have one, her name is Scoop- Eric33345

10 Spunky #438

Spunky is a cocker spaniel and he's so cute! He's also retired but NOT hard to find!

My friend gave me one! I love her! - RedTheGremlin

The Contenders

11 Bull Terrier #4227

He is the one of the best male dogs I have ever had his name is butch- Eric33345

12 Triceratops #4345

My all time favorite. Tricerotops are my favorite dinosaur so this beanie is perfect for me. Not to mention its sentimental value to me. It's been with me almost my entire life, and I loved it to the point where it's probably worth one cent in something like ebay, but it's worth so much to me... Also the name is Hornsly

13 Legs The Frog #4020
14 B.B. Bear #4253
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