Best Beanie Babies

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1 Cocker Spaniel #4184

I have one named Biskita, she is the girl virsion of biscuit. I love her beautiful frizzy ears. - Eric33345

2 Blue Jay #4202

I came up with the best name for my stuffed animal blue jay, her name is... Blue jay, who would of thought- Eric33345

I like blue jay and I would defiantly buy it if it wore a beanie boo

3 Black Poodle #4191

I have one named poodley, I love her little red ribbons in her ears. - Eric33345

4 Bear (Club Exclusive 1) N/A

I have one named rainbow. I named him rainbow bear because he has a rainbow colored ribbon around his neck. He also has a pin on his heart that is rainbow colored- Eric33345

5 Buffalo #4209

My stuffed animal buffalos name is chip, you know like the bison for the baseball team! He is so cool-Eric33345

I love buffalos and beanie babies. In fact I am a beanie baby collector. I have a buffalo named roam too.

6 Bear (2000 Holiday Teddy) #4332

I have one named snowball, I just think that he is adorable! Exspecialy his little red scarf- Eric33345

7 Rabbit #4216

I do have a white rabbit and her name is May. She is related to the next one on the list-Eric33345

8 Rabbit #4217

This rabbit is related to May the beanie baby above her. Her name is April. April is a brown bunny-Eric33345

9 Pelican #4107

What animal has a huge beak, a pelican! And I have one, her name is Scoop- Eric33345

10 Spunky #438

Spunky is a cocker spaniel and he's so cute! He's also retired but NOT hard to find!

My friend gave me one! I love her! - RedTheGremlin

The Contenders

11 Bull Terrier #4227

He is the one of the best male dogs I have ever had his name is butch- Eric33345

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