Best Beatboxers of All Time

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1 Adam Rupp

Without a doubt, Adam is the best performing in a capella in the US today. If you listen closely to most groups, you will hear beautiful harmonies with a nice beat and good, even great, percussion. Even so, you know you are listening to vocals only. Not so with Home Free, Adam is so amazing you have to stop and remind yourself that there are no instruments. The few songs were Adam does simply sing harmony are made even more special to fans of Home Free as we cherish those moments of hearing his voice. Though they are incredible recorded, you really must see Home Free, and Adam Rupp, live!

Adam Rupp has a God given talent that is unbelievable! I am a Home Fry and out of curiosity one day I googled beatboxers and listened to hours of others beatboxing...alone and as the percussion in groups. Being a Home Fry ( this is the name Home Free fans call ourselves ) I already thought Adam was the best out there, but after watching so many others I realized that HE IS THE BEST OUT THERE! Some of the videos I watched were actual competitions that he won! So I learned that it was not just my biased thinking, that in the world of vocal percussionist, Adam is the best. So I urge anyone that is here to cast a vote, to go to utube and watch some Home Free concerts and usually about half way through a concert, Adam has a solo routine that he does. If after listening to his contributions to the songs the group sings and especially after listening to his solo, if you do not think he is the best, please adjust your speakers on what ever you are listening to him on. One other thing that ...more

It is totally awesome that Adam Rupp is the world's # 1 beat boxer. There's no one that can ever come close to what Adam does. His solos are amazing and beyond belief. As his range of beat boxing far exceeds everyone else. Adam is a gift from God to this world. He is a true Minister of Music and is not to be confused with music minister. Two totally different things. Of course when Adam does sing he has a beautiful voice and harmonizes perfectly with the rest of Home Free. We are so blessed with the gift of Adam Henry Rupp.

Less than a week ago I went to see one of my favorite groups in concert. Sitting in the second row I was able to see up close and with Adam right in front of me, I was amused and amazed at how Excellent he is in his trade. he is simply amazaing. I don't understand or can I even grasp the concept of the sounds that this man makes with his body but to create a whole arrangement of different beats and sounds of different instruments. Dumbstruck doesn't even come close how I felt watching his solo. He is by far the best I have ever heard or seen. Adam is simply the best!

2 Hikakin

I love reeps one but boy this guy... Is awesome I have one of his beats in my head RIGHT NOW!

He has sicker beats than anyone else that I ever heard.

Hikakin is the best, no one can defeat him

My opinion is that he is may the best beatboxer in the whole world!

3 Daichi

I don't understand why he's so low on the list...

Ya his beat is very well but way he down..

Amazing. Just so amazing.

He's beat is very good

4 Joseph Poolpo

Joseph poolpo is the best

This is not even a contest LMAO. Joseph is the best

Is the greatest

Who put him in the list?! Noobs(in beatboxing)?!

5 Kevin Olusola

Perhaps his all-round music skills mask his extraordinary skills in beatboxing. Yes, he plays cello (AND Cello boxes! ). And he sings occasionally. He even takes the place of the trumpet when needed. But beatboxing is his thing and he's awesome. He finds all kinds of different beats, effects and styles to fit a wide range of covers and original music with Pentatonix plus his own music. Clearly number one in my humble opinion.

Likely the most successful of the contenders (Grammy winner and #1 Billboard debut album with his group Pentatonix). He is a classically trained musician, he invented Cello-boxing, and while he already is amazing, he's always coming up with new sounds and beats to improve himself and his group. To note he's also becoming quite the amazing singer.

Kevin is a wizard! Among all his skills - and they are countless! - he is a wonderful beatboxer. I'm always amazed by the complexity of what he brings in PTX songs. His beatboxing can be powerful, delicate, complex, discreet, soft, precise... anyway it's ALWAYS perfect and above all simply stunning! His complicity with Avi's bass is also wonderful. And last but not least, it seams to be so effortless for him!

Kevin's talent is unlike anything you have ever heard before. His music inspiration and fusion of hip-hop with classical music is what helps distinguish him among other amazing artists out there.

Beat-boxing is not his only talent, it just happens to be where he shines the brightest

6 Skiller

Skiller is also known as the fastest beatboxer in the world. He won the 2012 World Beatbox Battle Championship with the final battle against Alem. His beatboxing is unique, he has got his own style that no-one can copy and is able to perform some of the hardest beatboxing techniques in the world. He is very entertaining and just knows how to battle.

This guy is crazy all his styles are pretty sick and his sound effects make it even better

How original you are as a beatboxer? How you push the limits of the voice?...this Bulgarian is all this together. Amazing...

Why is he over Reeps One, didn't Reeps beat him in the world championship 2012?

7 Kenny Muhammad

He is definitely the best beatboxer of all time. He can make multiple sounds at the same time. He is fastm, percussive, and is different from all these beatboxers. He is called The Human Orchestra for a reason.

He is the best and is even called the human orchestra

He's kinda old school but he's really good

He is literally a god rapper!

8 Beardyman

I don't understand why he is SO under rated. This guy can actually CREATE innovative music unlike most who just mimic the effects of a few instruments. And to top it off, he's got a great musicality too, apart from technicality. Immense respect for this man.

Beardyman is AMAZING. He makes sounds that almost no one else can, including an awesome guitar sound. He deserves to be in the top 3.

Sorry, but for raw close sound I think he's the best. Beardyman is a genius at using his beat-box for composition.

No doubts, he is the best, he's skills are way higher than others!

9 Rahzel

The Godfather of Noyze, The Pioneer of modern beatboxing. Till date no one has the quality and clarity compared to him. He is the benchmark of beatboxing

If your mother only knew and that's all I got to say.

Old school who deserves a lot of respect!

Because bruv its da ting

10 Eklips

He's a beginner but creative

He's the best of all time

Have a many ridiculous skill of beatboxing..

The best, best flow.

The Contenders
11 Tom Thum

Tom Thum pushes the limits of the human voice to create incredible soundtracks of impossible beats and phenomenal sounds, with scratched vinyl, the Michael Jackson back-catalogue, the didgeridoo and an entire fifties jazz band amongst his vocal repertoire.

He's the guy. Tom has the ability to create such voices or, sounds that sounds fantastic, unimaginable, realistic, and sometimes hilarious. When heard, the music he creates sound just like those emitted from instruments.

He shows a unique and brilliant understanding of sounds and can takes the vocals to levels one can't even imagine. From a Sitar to Didgeridoo, this guy can mimic everything plus he is a good showman. he definitely needs to be at the top.

Tom Thum ate the whole T.V. and radio station, a whole band and some clubs, digests them then let's them out of his mouth any other way he likes it. Him being pitch perfect just made everything... perfect.

12 Napom

NaPoM is cleaner in most of his battles than Reeps One so he should at least be above him, though Adam Rupp is really good, he doesn't know as many sounds and isn't as fast as some of the others, also Adam Rupp is just a band performer!

Napom is the best beatboxer he shoul be number one ha can defeat all other in this list he has the best tracks he has extremely clean tracks. he has a very powerful bass he has immense knowledge of music and he knows when to use a sound he has

Napom should be number 1 because his BEATBOX is not just fast sounds like most of the beatbox that I have heard. His Beatbox is heavy but AWESOME! And I have never heard of something that sounds better.

Definitely one of the most composed, structured, and melodic beatboxers with filthy bass that'll make your bones thrum.

13 KrnFx

He can go really fast and is so cool and has fresh sounds. Sometimes he even sounds like he is rapping and beatboxing at the exact same time!

This guy is just crazy his style is pretty sick and his sound affects just make it even better!

KRNFX is one of the best, for sure, especially with his sound spectrum being so wide, rich, and full

Incredible hip hop, dubstep and technicality skills. One of the best in the world currently.

14 Reeps One

Hands down one of the best Beatboxers that will ever live. He has changed the Beatbox scene, put up new expectations and heights to beat. He brought something new to the table with his Dubstep style of Beatboxing. He is someone that one that cannot be compared. As of right now I see him as the Reigning King and the one that changed the game of Beatboxing forever... Check him out!

Best technique, sound clarity and perfect flow. His sound is pure and really feels like real instruments. His flow is really smooth without mistakes. Also he is really skilled in performing mid and deep bass.

Why is Reeps number 11? he's literally one of the best around, he makes his own music in his head, and vocalizes it out in his own, diverse way.. and he's amazing at it.

Reeps One is the closest we can get to sounding realistically. Watch his Inward Drag routine, it's insane.

15 Shawn Lee

Kirk it Up Shawn lee major drop 4 life loved the pestle mortar too!

The small boy with the big sound

He has the best beatbox sounds I thought he was just faking

He can't be classified as human, he is dupstep machine! 1

16 Codfish

codfish was my introduction to beatbox and will forever be one of the best I love the way he can seemlessly change from his deep throat bass to his singing voice

Codfish literally won world championships for his beatboxing, dude is crazy. Have you heard the low beats he can hit?

This is not a good list for my opinion have you even heard a lot from codfish napom or Kenny Urban

He is my favorite I have watched and listens to him since he began

17 Alem

Think about it Alem won 2nd place on 2012 at the 3rd Beatbox World Championship... and now he is the current 4th Beatbox World Champion 2015, and the Beatbox Tag Team Champion 2015 with BMG.

Other Awards won:
Grand Beatbox Battle 2013 - 2nd placer
French Beatbox Champion 2013
French Beatbox Battle 2011 - 2nd placer

A new generation/ new school beatboxer with different kinds of variations towards his beat. I think he is the best, and not those beatboxers like Tom Thum, Dave Crowe, and etc. They all go back to old school, sometimes does not change their routine, and their mainstream techniques that are very predictable

I just saw Alem in a battle his just amazing, he can definely destroy anyone, he as all styles and I think you guys will notice that is different, he defeat Skiller and Napom, because he is the beatbox god!

His speed and how clean his beats are, is insane, this guy is in the top five for sure

He's just amazing! Way better than rahzel! No disrespect. I know he was a saint but this is a new gen.

18 Dave Crowe

Man can this guy dubstep. He starts off his show slow and I thought it wasn't so cool but then when he drops the beat he can do some amazing sounds that is entertaining to watch

Absolutely phenomenal! It's as if he swallowed Skrillex and is now producing dubstep-like sounds from some sort of machine in his vocal chords.

He inspired me to beetbox, hell, you never know, I might be on this list one day, my name is James Webster but ill probz have a nickname like, Beatz Busta or the The Imitator, hey if you wanna hear a bad beatboxer that search up Eklips!

Dave Crowe is the best! He is the God of beatboxing! He deserves to be #1. He can do dubstep beatboxing without any machine, he's funny and brave enough to do street performances.

19 Dharni

This guy makes his own sounds and he's also called the Beatbox Professor. I'm pretty sure someone who's called THAT has got to be in the top 5 at the very least. He's won from a lot of beatboxers imcluding some of the ones who're placed above him in the list.

Dharni at 21? Haha. The King of Musiciality and two time GBBB champion. I'm sure the person who vote Adam Rutt and the other low class beatboxer doesn't know anything about beatbox.

Makes his own awesome sounds

This guy is really good!

20 Bunnyf1uff

This guy inspired me to become a beatboxer myself. I've grown a lot listening to his beatboxing. I haven't even met him and he's done so much for me. Just DA BEST

Bunnyf1uff (aka: codfish) has the most variety I have ever seen he knows every type of Throatbase, at least half of the liprolls and he knows many drum sounds also adding on to him having so much variety is he knows how to do all styles of beatboxing and has nearly masters all styles meaning that since he has so much variety if he plays smart and plans out his beats more he can beat pretty much anyone because he would have the capability to counter anyone really efficiency then also he is incredibly clean and although he has lost battles every one of them that he has lost he either wasn't even trying or wasn't playing smart and using his variety to his advantage

This guy is ridiculous give him a chance and he will rip the stage

Yeah! Cute Bunnies humping on the floor...

21 Neil Rey Garcia Llanes

Niel is a showman he is the beast

He is best and beast he is number 1

Amazing man! 10 beats at once

He is the beatboxing god

22 Genesis

This Filipino beat boxing champion of Australia moved to Sydney from Manila, Philippines without any knowledge of the English language. Having discovered beat boxing at a young age, he grew to be one of the best and became a finalist of Australia's Got Talent 2012.

"Just awesome."
- Dannii Minogue, Australian singer-songwriter, talent competition judge, actress, television and radio personality, and fashion designer

"I just don't know how you can beat that, how you can better that, unless you're blowin' out of a lot of holes at the same time... I think it's total genius, what you can do; it's very impressive."
- Kyle Sandilands, Australian radio and T.V. personality

"Absolutely excellent. I cannot wait to see what you do next."
- Brian McFadden, Irish singer-songwriter

Why number 19? You should be number 1! It's so cool what you can do with your mouth. I've watched all his auditions, but I can't stop replaying him in the finals. He can really dance! Who knew he could sing, dance, and gearbox?! Totally my favorite ever!

Why should he be number 1? He went to the World Beatboxing Championship twice in 2009 and 2012 but he was eliminated after elimination round for both 2009 and 2012. LOL. Don't say anything, if you don't what your talking about.

He's so amazing! I don't know why he's so low on the list he should be in the top 10! He can do 5 sounds! Doesn't need a loopbox! So ORIGINAL!

23 oZealous

This guy is beast! He Knows how to keep his rhythm going without fail. Knowing he can beatbox at rapid speed is amazing!

Ozealous is my spirit animal and I love everything he has ever done

No one beats this guy.. He's just mind blowing

I think oZealous should be it lest top 5

24 B-Art

Why is he so low on the list should be at least number ten

Should be in the top ten makes sounds that nobody can do

His inward bass is incredible. Love his style!

He is so talented! His skills are awesome

25 Doug E. Fresh

He put beatboxing on the map! One of the originals! "The Show" with slick Rick was a hit back in the day and still is one of my favorite songs till this day!

Respect! Without the past, there would be no future, without the old schools, there would no cool newschools modern beatboxing like today!

He was the best beat boxer in his time

He have good voice

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