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1 Adam Rupp

First time I heard him I had to check to be sure there was no equipment like drums near him, this was in 2011. He is even more amazing now with the sounds he can produce and how he can keep preforming for 2+ hours. His solo is truly something to hear and be awestruck with his talent.

Without a doubt, Adam is the best performing in a capella in the US today. If you listen closely to most groups, you will hear beautiful harmonies with a nice beat and good, even great, percussion. Even so, you know you are listening to vocals only. Not so with Home Free, Adam is so amazing you have to stop and remind yourself that there are no instruments. The few songs were Adam does simply sing harmony are made even more special to fans of Home Free as we cherish those moments of hearing his voice. Though they are incredible recorded, you really must see Home Free, and Adam Rupp, live!

I have never seen anyone perform for two hours straight the way this man did, and never drop a beat! He is the best! Personality is a plus, his solo was the most amazing performance I have ever heard!

It's hard to believe Adam Rupp is making all the percussion sounds himself! I've been to more than one concert & I can assure you that it is all him. He's magical!

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2 Kenny Muhammad

He is the best and is even called the human orchestra

One of the best beatboxer in the world. - BEATBOXER446

He can do many differnt styles and tones and speeds

He. Is great

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3 Kevin Olusola

Likely the most successful of the contenders (Grammy winner and #1 Billboard debut album with his group Pentatonix). He is a classically trained musician, he invented Cello-boxing, and while he already is amazing, he's always coming up with new sounds and beats to improve himself and his group. To note he's also becoming quite the amazing singer.

He can play cello, beat box and sing AT THE SAME TIME. And he also graduated yale and can speak mandarin and Spanish fluently. Why would you not vote for this man?

Kevin's talent is unlike anything you have ever heard before. His music inspiration and fusion of hip-hop with classical music is what helps distinguish him among other amazing artists out there.

Beat-boxing is not his only talent, it just happens to be where he shines the brightest

Who else brings a cello in the mix... this man could carry his name on his cello talent alone... this is an incredible musician, in my opinion

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4 Dave Crowe

Man can this guy dubstep. He starts off his show slow and I thought it wasn't so cool but then when he drops the beat he can do some amazing sounds that is entertaining to watch

Absolutely phenomenal! It's as if he swallowed Skrillex and is now producing dubstep-like sounds from some sort of machine in his vocal chords.

I checked out all of these beatboxers. The are all amazing but Crowe is my favorite.

He plays with instruments and all kind of different sounds. He DOES NOT copy only a drum for 2hrs long.

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5 Rahzel

If your mother only knew and that's all I got to say.

Old school who deserves a lot of respect!

Just amazing...


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6 Joseph Poolpo

Joseph poolpo is the best

Who put him in the list?! Noobs(in beatboxing)?!

He is not that good when you get to know him. People say he is one of the number one best but, he is not there.


This is embarrassing for him

Try better

Don't give up!

You can do it!

7 Tom Thum

Tom Thum pushes the limits of the human voice to create incredible soundtracks of impossible beats and phenomenal sounds, with scratched vinyl, the Michael Jackson back-catalogue, the didgeridoo and an entire fifties jazz band amongst his vocal repertoire.

He's the guy. Tom has the ability to create such voices or, sounds that sounds fantastic, unimaginable, realistic, and sometimes hilarious. When heard, the music he creates sound just like those emitted from instruments.

It is like he ate a music band. totally awesome. you should be in I tunes

Good Range

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8 Eklips

He's a beginner but creative

Holy! Mind blowing

The best, best flow.

He's the best of all time

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9 Shawn Lee

The small boy with the big sound

His the best ever...

Kirk it Up Shawn lee major drop 4 life loved the pestle mortar too!

Really love you

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10 Doug E. Fresh

What the hell my man Doug should be the first he started beatboxing him and slick rick in the 80s nobody could touch them they were young thug future Lil Wayne drake fetty wap rich homie Quan meek mill of the 80s for real

He was the best beat boxer in his time

He have good voice

the king

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The Contenders

11 Reeps One

For me he is the best nothing else!

Best technique, sound clarity and perfect flow. His sound is pure and really feels like real instruments. His flow is really smooth without mistakes. Also he is really skilled in performing mid and deep bass.

How is he not first? Check out Reeps One - Move on YouTube, then you'll see.

Way better than anyone above him on th list

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12 Hikakin

This guy is so awesome I've got almost video of him.this guy is a god not a human people

I love this man.. My idol.. - BEATBOXER446

He has sicker beats than anyone else that I ever heard.

Hikakin is better than your face

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13 Daichi

He's beat is very good

I don't understand why he's so low on the list...

Ya his beat is very well but way he down..

His beats were prettu sweet

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14 Skiller

He is the best! In my opinion so yea sorry just a kid but he is the best

This guy is crazy all his styles are pretty sick and his sound effects make it even better

His spot deserves in top 10 and not top 15.

How original you are as a beatboxer? How you push the limits of the voice?...this Bulgarian is all this together. Amazing...

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15 KrnFx

This guy is just crazy his style is pretty sick and his sound affects just make it even better!

Incredible hip hop, dubstep and technicality skills. One of the best in the world currently.

Most sick boxer of all time first time heard him thought it was special affects

He is the best ever

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16 Beardyman

I don't understand why he is SO under rated. This guy can actually CREATE innovative music unlike most who just mimic the effects of a few instruments. And to top it off, he's got a great musicality too, apart from technicality. Immense respect for this man.

Beardyman is AMAZING. He makes sounds that almost no one else can, including an awesome guitar sound. He deserves to be in the top 3.

I believe he can make the sickest beat ever.

Sorry, but for raw close sound I think he's the best. Beardyman is a genius at using his beat-box for composition.

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17 SoCloseToToast

This dude is awesome

I didn't expect SoCloseToToast to be this far down the list. I didn't expect him to be #1 though. But ToasterKing should be around the top 5

SoCloseToToast should be the #1 beatboxer in the world, I mean just hear him

LOL...he's just a YouTuber. If the list is for Best Beatboxer In YouTube then I'd agree even if he's top ten.

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18 Napom

He's simply the best, he has pushed the level of the art immensely

This guy deserves at least top 10 due to his winnings of final battles.

This guy needs to be at least in top 3 what

He should be number 1

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19 Alem

Alem should be #1, not Adam Rupp. Alem could have easily smoked him in a battle.

His the best...He can battle anyone, his skill are the best!

Check his west side it's best

Alem is da best number 1 of the list is a noob beatboxer! alem is da bestt

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20 Genesis

Why number 19? You should be number 1! It's so cool what you can do with your mouth. I've watched all his auditions, but I can't stop replaying him in the finals. He can really dance! Who knew he could sing, dance, and gearbox?! Totally my favorite ever!

He's the best beat boxer I ever heard in my life even though I beat box too he's really good

He's the best in the entire world. I can't stop replaying the videos!

He is best for me I have seen all his vedio so!

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