Best Beatboxers of All Time


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1 Adam Rupp

First time I heard him I had to check to be sure there was no equipment like drums near him, this was in 2011. He is even more amazing now with the sounds he can produce and how he can keep preforming for 2+ hours. His solo is truly something to hear and be awestruck with his talent.

Without a doubt, Adam is the best performing in a capella in the US today. If you listen closely to most groups, you will hear beautiful harmonies with a nice beat and good, even great, percussion. Even so, you know you are listening to vocals only. Not so with Home Free, Adam is so amazing you have to stop and remind yourself that there are no instruments. The few songs were Adam does simply sing harmony are made even more special to fans of Home Free as we cherish those moments of hearing his voice. Though they are incredible recorded, you really must see Home Free, and Adam Rupp, live!

He is not the fastest I know the fastest person on the planet it is a 9 year old

I have never seen anyone perform for two hours straight the way this man did, and never drop a beat! He is the best! Personality is a plus, his solo was the most amazing performance I have ever heard!

2 Hikakin

He is so overrated he's not that good he's worse at beatboxing than fortnite

This guy is so awesome I've got almost video of him.this guy is a god not a human people

I love this man.. My idol.. - BEATBOXER446

He has sicker beats than anyone else that I ever heard.

3 Daichi

He's beat is very good

I don't understand why he's so low on the list...

Ya his beat is very well but way he down..

Amazing. Just so amazing.

4 Joseph Poolpo

Is the greatest

Joseph poolpo is the best

Who put him in the list?! Noobs(in beatboxing)?!

He is not that good when you get to know him. People say he is one of the number one best but, he is not there.


This is embarrassing for him

Try better

Don't give up!

You can do it!

5 Kevin Olusola

Just amazing
Indescribably amazing
This guy is good


He is literally on fire..and I'm a beatboxer because he's inspired me to be who I am

Musically talented in so many different ways: vocally, with the cello, and with rhythm and beat boxing. Very original and creative with lots of digital/techno sounds, and amazing in pentatonix.

6 Skiller

Simply the best

Just the best!

He is the best! In my opinion so yea sorry just a kid but he is the best

This guy is crazy all his styles are pretty sick and his sound effects make it even better

7 Kenny Muhammad

He's one of the great beatboxer

He is literally a god rapper!

He is the best and is even called the human orchestra

One of the best beatboxer in the world. - BEATBOXER446

8 Beardyman

He is agood beat

I don't understand why he is SO under rated. This guy can actually CREATE innovative music unlike most who just mimic the effects of a few instruments. And to top it off, he's got a great musicality too, apart from technicality. Immense respect for this man.

Beardyman is AMAZING. He makes sounds that almost no one else can, including an awesome guitar sound. He deserves to be in the top 3.

I believe he can make the sickest beat ever.

9 Rahzel

If your mother only knew and that's all I got to say.

Old school who deserves a lot of respect!

Because bruv its da ting

Just amazing...

10 Eklips

He's a beginner but creative

Holy! Mind blowing

The best, best flow.

He's the best of all time

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The Contenders

11 Tom Thum

He's a very good looper

Just insane...

Just because

He can produce all kinds of sounds and is a crowd entertainer amd an all time best.

12 Napom

Without anything this is the best.

He is incredible and manipulates his voice in incredible ways

Liproll legend!


13 KrnFx

He can go really fast and is so cool and has fresh sounds. Sometimes he even sounds like he is rapping and beatboxing at the exact same time!

I think he should be #1.He is the best.Has great videos and is very skilled!

''all his styles and skills are awesome from his beatbox everyone had learnt very much so he is my beatboxer in the world''

Love YouTube video's

14 Shawn Lee

Love this guy

The small boy with the big sound

His the best ever...

Kirk it Up Shawn lee major drop 4 life loved the pestle mortar too!

15 Reeps One

Your top 10 list is honestly terrible

my idol

For me he is the best nothing else!

Best technique, sound clarity and perfect flow. His sound is pure and really feels like real instruments. His flow is really smooth without mistakes. Also he is really skilled in performing mid and deep bass.

16 Dave Crowe

Go unkle you're the best

Man can this guy dubstep. He starts off his show slow and I thought it wasn't so cool but then when he drops the beat he can do some amazing sounds that is entertaining to watch

Absolutely phenomenal! It's as if he swallowed Skrillex and is now producing dubstep-like sounds from some sort of machine in his vocal chords.

I checked out all of these beatboxers. The are all amazing but Crowe is my favorite.

17 Alem

Fastest and best with alexhino


Fastest beatboxer!

The best Kind of voice

18 Codfish

Grand beat box champion of 2018 should be top ten mate

The best of the best

He should be in top 10 or 5

My all time favorite beat boxers I love how he mixes the singing and beatboxing together and just the flow of it is sick

19 Bunnyf1uff

He is the best because he does not try to show that he's the best he just don't even try to be the best and that's what makes him good

This guy inspired me to become a beatboxer myself. I've grown a lot listening to his beatboxing. I haven't even met him and he's done so much for me. Just DA BEST

It's simple it's just amazing

He is Just awesome His voice is 10

20 Genesis

Why number 19? You should be number 1! It's so cool what you can do with your mouth. I've watched all his auditions, but I can't stop replaying him in the finals. He can really dance! Who knew he could sing, dance, and gearbox?! Totally my favorite ever!

He's the best beat boxer I ever heard in my life even though I beat box too he's really good

He's the best in the entire world. I can't stop replaying the videos!

He can sing and beat box at the same time cool only guy on video I have ever seen to do that

21 Neil Rey Garcia Llanes

Beatboxing God

Amazing man! 10 beats at once

He is the beatboxing god

He is best and beast he is number 1

22 Dharni

The best

Makes his own awesome sounds

This guy makes his own sounds and he's also called the Beatbox Professor. I'm pretty sure someone who's called THAT has got to be in the top 5 at the very least. He's won from a lot of beatboxers imcluding some of the ones who're placed above him in the list.

He simply holds the crown of beatboxing. Watch his battle with krnfx, he fucqd him @ semifinals

23 oZealous

The best

The best beatboxer of 2018

I think oZealous should be it lest top 5

Ozealous is my spirit animal and I love everything he has ever done

24 Doug E. Fresh

What the hell my man Doug should be the first he started beatboxing him and slick rick in the 80s nobody could touch them they were young thug future Lil Wayne drake fetty wap rich homie Quan meek mill of the 80s for real

He was the best beat boxer in his time

He have good voice

He put beatboxing on the map! One of the originals! "The Show" with slick Rick was a hit back in the day and still is one of my favorite songs till this day!

25 B-Art

You are the best

His inward bass is incredible. Love his style!

Why is he so low on the list should be at least number ten

Should be in the top ten makes sounds that nobody can do

26 Marcus Perez

Best in the world

This guy is beast

He is the beast

His The Best Beatboxer in the world

27 Felix Zenger

Finland's finest and human sound machine. Too many talents to list so one must let yourself hear him live and be the judge.

Just heard you in Jyväskylä. Awesome beats!

28 Wawad

Click power

29 SoCloseToToast

This dude is awesome

I didn't expect SoCloseToToast to be this far down the list. I didn't expect him to be #1 though. But ToasterKing should be around the top 5

SoCloseToToast should be the #1 beatboxer in the world, I mean just hear him

SoCloseToToast Is The BeatBoxer I've Ever Seen

30 Billy BdaBX

The best of me

One of the few beatboxers that made a living out of beatbox



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31 Milawd

Best young beat boxer in tehran 021

Its very good Iran 4 ever

But not in the world!

Tehran beat box god

32 Roxorloops

Clearly the best

His echo is fantastic!

This guys is completely underrated!

The echo is really awesome..

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33 Ball-Zee

He's really an innovator, not just a bag of tricks. His constantly pushing the boundaries of what you can do with your vocal instrument.

Just incredible!

His beatboxing is very clean. Amazing!

Might as well watch Goku beatbox in Dragon Ball Z. LOL.

34 JerqoBeats

Really good! check him out on YouTube.

He is better than Tom thin easy

He has an incredible style. His beats are sooo sick!

Just another YouTuber...

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35 Jay Sean Jay Sean Jay Sean is a British singer and songwriter. He debuted in the UK's Asian Underground scene as a member of the Rishi Rich Project with "Dance with You", which reached No.

Sure great as well

Hey Sean you and Mr. Kingston(duty love)

36 ZeDe

He is first

This guy is good

Zede - 2009 World Beatbox Champion - Officially

37 Michael Winslow

LOL! Even a chicken in my village knows how to laugh.

He is the best he has 10.000 voices

If you think that there are someone who is as close as him, you probably wrong. because there's no one would be ever have 10000 voices like him...

The man with 10,000,000 sound effects.G.O.A. T! #LegendaryBeatboxer

38 Lytos

Is the amo

39 Robeat

"Comedian beatboxer :D I very like your style robeat! :) THUMBS UP! "

40 Babeli

Awesome skill for making dubstep sounds and also a very clear sounds

Got crazy skills too and he is the best beatboxer in Germany at the moment

He is the minimal god in beatboxing

41 Touraj Parazit

Iranian guys are the best

He is best beatboxer in Iran

42 Sam Bartel

Sam does VP and beatbox for Gentleman's Rule and he is awesome!

43 Thorsen

Thorsen is just the definition of a beatboxer in a new generation, he creates how own songs -including the beats and the text - and is able to perform it live on stage, watch his loopstation performances to persuade yourself

He is a Danish beatboxer and I Fink that he is one of top 10 or 15 but he's beats is fast and he is the beatboxer on Danmark

44 Jeff Thatcher

Jeff is one of the pioneers of vocal percussion!

45 Layne Stein

Layne had a unique style that makes him different from most vocal percussionists

Beatboxer for acapella group VoicePlay. Really amazing.

46 Vahtang

I can feel the break of your sound!, if you know what I mean. Haha

47 Sid Fx

So clean. Unique style

48 Mike Tompkins

This guy made about 10 covers of very famous songs such as dark horse and I KNEW YOU WERE TROUBLE he is the best

He is the best beat boxer I have ever heard

If he was in a beatbox battle with Mike Thompson, I'm very curious of what would happen?

49 Peter Hollens

This Guy is the best

Go Peter!
Hallelujah is my new favorite song!

Peterpot is way better! Check Peterpot in YouTube(not Peterpan or Peterspoons or Petercock or Peterkettle or PeterPecker or other PeterWithOtherKitchenUtensilsNames

50 Zheton (Žeton)

Young Russian talent, brings always fresh beats. A new hope for rusiian beatbox

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