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21 Napom

This guy deserves at least top 10 due to his winnings of final battles.

This guy needs to be at least in top 3 what

Napom has good flow with his lip rolls


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22 oZealous

Ozealous is my spirit animal and I love everything he has ever done

No one beats this guy.. He's just mind blowing

Best and mind blowing! He is amazing!


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23 Milawd

Best young beat boxer in tehran 021

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24 Bunnyf1uff

Bunnyf1uff (aka: codfish) has the most variety I have ever seen he knows every type of Throatbase, at least half of the liprolls and he knows many drum sounds also adding on to him having so much variety is he knows how to do all styles of beatboxing and has nearly masters all styles meaning that since he has so much variety if he plays smart and plans out his beats more he can beat pretty much anyone because he would have the capability to counter anyone really efficiency then also he is incredibly clean and although he has lost battles every one of them that he has lost he either wasn't even trying or wasn't playing smart and using his variety to his advantage

This guy is ridiculous give him a chance and he will rip the stage

Yeah! Cute Bunnies humping on the floor...

So sick - check him out on YouTube

25 JerqoBeats

Really good! check him out on YouTube.

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26 Ball-Zee

He's really an innovator, not just a bag of tricks. His constantly pushing the boundaries of what you can do with your vocal instrument.

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27 B-Art

His inward bass is incredible. Love his style!

Why is he so low on the list should be at least number ten

Should be in the top ten makes sounds that nobody can do

He should be like top 5

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28 Roxorloops

This guys is completely underrated!

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29 Jay Sean V 2 Comments
30 Marcus Perez

Best in the world

This guy is beast

He is the beast


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31 Robeat V 1 Comment
32 ZeDe V 2 Comments
33 Billy BdaBX V 3 Comments
34 Babeli

Awesome skill for making dubstep sounds and also a very clear sounds

Got crazy skills too and he is the best beatboxer in Germany at the moment

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35 Sid Fx

So clean. Unique style

36 Michael Winslow

LOL! Even a chicken in my village knows how to laugh.

If you think that there are someone who is as close as him, you probably wrong. because there's no one would be ever have 10000 voices like him...

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37 Jeff Thatcher

Jeff is one of the pioneers of vocal percussion!

38 Layne Stein V 1 Comment
39 Vahtang

I can feel the break of your sound!, if you know what I mean. Haha

40 Mike Tompkins

This guy made about 10 covers of very famous songs such as dark horse and I KNEW YOU WERE TROUBLE he is the best

If he was in a beatbox battle with Mike Thompson, I'm very curious of what would happen?

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