"Rubber Soul" Album Review

Alpha101 I've mentioned many times before that I love this album. Well, it's time to explain myself.

"Drive My Car" was a pretty decent song. Granted, it wasn't anything special, as the lyrics are elementary and the singing is average, but it is very catchy and likable. I would still recommend this song, even though it is not as good as I was expecting. It did a fine job at opening the record.

"Norwegian Wood" is my third favorite. It sounds dream like, and the vocals really blew me away! Also, what I love about this song is the surprising lyrics. The Beatles, when they first arrived on the scene, were singing about love, and how they wanted to hold your hand. Now, they're singing about something more mature and dark, which amazed me. I mean, the song ends with him burning down a house for Christ's sake!

"You Won't See Me" is my least favorite. It's enjoyable, but musically, it's not very impressive. I mean, it's the Beatles! They're supposed to blow me away, aren't they? Sadly, they didn't with this one. I'm not saying that it's a bad song, but it's kind of a let down.

"Nowhere Man" is my second favorite on the album. I love the duet from Lennon and McCartney, and the lyrics are fantastic. Also, I love how the song sounds kind of distorted.

"Think For Yourself" is another fairly good track. It isn't as impressive as I thought it would be, but it's still really fun to listen to, and always makes me feel relaxed.

"The Word" exceeded my expectations. It had a nice chorus, great lyrics, and was one of the most enjoyable songs on the album.

"Michelle" is a fantastic song by McCartney. His voice really fit the song perfectly, and was one of the highlights of the album. It kind of reminds me of "When I'm Sixty-Four" off of Sgt. Pepper.

"What Goes On" had a likable chorus, though the lyrics are a little bland. Still, the song works, and I had fun listening to it.

"Girl" was one of Lennon's best songs. I especially loved the chorus, and the song is, like "Norwegian Wood," more mature than their previous works, and a little sad.

"I'm Looking Through You" had some of the best lyrics on the entire album, and was one of the most enjoyable. It isn't as good as a few tracks previously mentioned, but it was a nice breath of fresh air.

"In My Life" is easily the best song on the album. The lyrics are outstanding, the vocals are so beautiful that it makes me want to cry, and it's simply one of those songs that will last for hundreds of years without ever loosing it's charm. It's one of the Beatles' best songs, and one of my personal favorites.

"Wait" is a good song, but it's not very memorable. It won't stay with me for years like many of the other songs on the album. It's not exactly passable, as it is decent, but after hearing other tracks on the album, I just can;t bring myself to love it.

"If I Needed Someone" makes up for this though. Harrison did a fantastic job on this one, and it really left a lasting impression on me.

"Run For Your Life" was a nice, but surprising twist. Like I said twice before, it was at this point that the Beatles' switched from love songs to song that could really affect the listener, and this is, obviously, one of them. The whole song is about threatening to harm one's significant other. It was disturbing, but beautiful at the same time. It did a great job of bringing this album to an end, and it's one of my all time favorites.

While the album had one or two weak songs, it's still one spectacular ride all the way through. The main thing that I like about it is that it transitions so smoothly and perfectly, and every single song, even though some are stronger than others, contributes to the album's success. This is probably my fourth favorite album, and for good reason.

9.6/10 - Great Album


Norwegian Wood was the first Beatles song to grab my attention. - PetSounds

My personal favorite Beatles album is still Abey Road, but this is probably #3! - visitor

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band used to be my favourite, until I listened to this album all over and over again. - Mumbizz01