Let It Be - The Beatles: Random Album Review

So yesterday I found that all the Beatles Albums finally found their way to Spotify! So basically I decided that my next Album Review should be about one of them!

So yeah! This review is about the great album Let It Be!

Two Of Us:
I especially love the guitar melody in this song in mix with the drumming and the bass! Also Paul McCartneys vocals are especially great in my opinion!
It's a calm and realaxing song and a good way to start the album!

Dig A Pony:
The lyrics are a bit weird, if you'd ask me! The guitar riff however is pretty catchy! Also the chorus is very great, when it just speeds up and then slows down!

Across The Universe:
This song is vocals and guitar only! I loved it, because all it focused on was the vocals by Paul McCartney, which are well written and have a very catchy melody!

I Me Mine:
From the first second the guitar reminded me of Pink Floyd! And it was awesome! It is for the most part a bit of an slow song! The song then explodes in a very explosive chorus, that reminded me of the song Money!

Dig It:
Wait, The Rolling Stones?
Only 50 seconds, yet this song was worth the listen!

Let It Be:
This song is a classic Beatles Songs! One of their all-time bests!
The instrumentalists got replaced in the intro with a beautiful piano melody! And then the chorus, which just goes all out!
And then the guitar solo! It's amazing!
And the well-written and relatable lyrics are fantastic!
Overall this is probably my favorite Beatles Song!

Maggie Mae:
The guitar melody mixed with the fast-paced lyrics and Mick Jagger again, made this 40 seconds song pretty neat!

I've Got A Feeling:
Not the mix up with the Black Eyed Peas Song!
Paul McCartneys voice sounds absolutely kickass in this song and throughout it all instrumentalists go all out!
And in the chorus it basically explodes in your face!

One After 909:
The drumming and guitar made this song sound like a old Rock'n'Roll Song from the '50s!
And it was amazing! What I love about this song woule be the chorus and the great guitar solo!

The Long And Winding Road:
Like in Let It Be, they replaced the instrumentalists, but now with an orchestra and a bit of Ringo Starr!
The lyrics are beautiful and made this song one of the saddest Beatles Songs!

For You Blue:
The Beatles have used a keyboard sound this time, which stood out throughout the entire song! Then the bass solo! This was a really trippy bass solo!
McCartneys talking you can hear is for some reason one of the things I remember in the song!

Get Back:
Great Guitar Riff! I loved the McCartney lyrics and vocals! But basically all this song wants to say: Get Back To Where You Once Belong

So this album has some super songs by The Beatles, with some of these ratings:
Two Of Us: 9/10
Dig A Pony: 8,5/10
Across The Universe: 9,5/10
I Me Mine: 9,5/10
Dig It: 6/10
Let It Be: 10/10
Maggie Mae: 7/10
I've Got A Feeling: 9,5/10
One After 909: 9/10
The Long And Winding Road: 9,5/10
For You Blue: 9/10
Get Back: 9/10

While this album wasn't as good as albums, like Abbey Road or Revolver, it still has some of the best Beatles Songs, therefore it deserves a:
9/10, adjective "awesome"
It isn't as good as most other Beatles Albums, but is worth a listen for the title track alone! Besides this album showed off the creativity of this band yet again!


Great collection of songs, as you're individual track gradings also seem to indicate. Good, interesting review and comments, however I can't ignore a mistake - John Lennon sang lead on Across The Universe (which he also wrote), not Paul. - Billyv

"Two of Us" is one of the band's most underrated songs. I'll never forget hearing Paul play "One After 909," "The Long and Winding Toad," and "Let It Be." - PetSounds