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21 Hey Jude

Album gets very little fanfare but for my money it is their finest moment

I Have This And It Is Very Good, No Sgt. Pepper, But Good - BeatlesFan1964

Is good stuff - snackaberg

Hey jude
Paperback writer
Ballad of john and yoko
Don't let me down
Lady moddana

22 Meet the Beatles

This is the best beatles album!

This is the one that really started beatlemania in america, I don't know why capitol records didn't make the release weeks before they did ( probably there biggest mistake ever ) but introducing the beatles was avalable but it did'nt have the fresh songs of meet the beatles

23 Something New
24 Anthology

I love the Beatles early and alternative songs.

Needs more attention 3 2

25 Yellow Submarine

I don't know why people hate this album so much, yes we revisit Yellow Sub and All you Need is Love... But we also get 4 of their best songs ever written Hey Bulldog is obviously the best out of them, and then the other side is George Martin's compositions which are fun to listen to in a car ride, or just hanging around, so I'll vote for this one since it's gonna be so neglected

Okay, let me get something straight. I love Yellow Submarine. Hey Bulldog is cool, All Together Now is a nice little sing along, and Ringo's vocals on Yellow Submarine is amazing. Some people may consider Yellow Submarine as a weak moment for the Beatles, and others consider it as a great sing along for children. I don't understand why it's so hated, Yellow Submarine is one of my favorite Beatles albums! - kaitlynrad11

I don't understand why most people dislike this album. It has two of the best Beatles at their experimental side songs, and the two of them are Harrison's songs. And the fact that we have George Martin doing "classical" music (I'd rather the term "academic"), it's the point that set his brilliance in the band for deserving the spot of the fifth beatle. And by the way, that part of the album is amazing.

So, "Only a northern song", "It's all too much", and the "Martin's medley" should put this album as a great piece.

Why is this one so low!?

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26 The Beatles' Second Album

The absolute BEST Beatles album. Pure Rock 'n' Roll the whole way. Love it!

27 The Essential

Its got a version of Let It Be with a distorted guitar solo.

28 Let It Be... Naked

It's the better let it be!

What...? The Beatles were naked when they did this? Ewww...

29 Live At The BBC

At least one of the greatest compilations of all time.

30 Anthology 2
31 Anthology 3
32 The Capitol Albums
33 Beatles VI
34 Beatles '65
35 Introducing the Beatles...
36 Love Songs
37 Yellow Submarine
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