Top 10 Best Beatles Basslines

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1 Come Together

That Bass... Oh man, that bass is awesome, and Michael Jackson made a cover with Slap Bass awesome too, but the Beatles tune has the magic of the Smooth Mccartney Playing

this should be number one. trully classic bassline.

Easy to learn. Play along with music and have a hell of a time. This was Paul's true Beatles bass finale and was played in a style that is still famous today.

Kicks ass just like the Beetles do and always will


2 Hey Bulldog

#1 beatles bassline ever

A true classic, very much overlooked. Would easily have made number one if released as a single.

This bassline not only shows Mccartney's style in the whole song, but also it is very easy to play, it accompanies the drums with notes, duplicating them as if he was to skip the beat, but he doesn't. And at the end it converts the song into a masterpiece.

I have to say this should be number one, the bassline and this song in general is very overlooked, this is personally my favorite Beatles tune

3 Taxman Taxman Cover Art

Most intricate and most bassline covered ever, definitely number 1. Excellent all the way around, especially when you consider that Paul was also busy recording that incredible guitar solo. In one of the few moments I have heard of George complimenting McCartney, he has been quoted as being pleased with the lead solo, and that McCartney had worked to develop an Indian sound.

so easy to play and you can easily hear it accompanying the guitar in the song

Paul did a great job on this Harrison rocker. - mgenet

Brilliant Bass line on this song, HOWEVER, it was actuallly played by George (as he did on Old Brown Shoe) and Paul did the guitar solo.

4 Rain

Just incredible. He does so much with this. I can only imagine what it must have been like with the Beatles, playing around with music, experimenting with sound, competing with each other and cooperating, mixing it up to create the best rock music ever. I'm listening to a bluegrass show on the radio, and they are playing Beatles songs done by bluegrass groups, songs you wouldn't believe could be done in that genre, like Eleanor Rigby. Their influence touches everyone everywhere.

This should be number one. It marks a turning point for bass guitar, The Beatles, and music in general. This is a great bass line with expert fills and it is one of the first examples of "lead bass"; the bass makes this song.

Rain slightly edges out the other excellent bass playing in Mccartney's Beatles career because simply put, who in their right mind in the 60's no less would play a bass like this? It sounds so modern and futuristic, it is a bass line that would sound cool 50 years from now. The creativity is just amazing.

While Taxman may be the most identifiable and memorable bass line McCartney played, nothing quite touches his bass approach in Rain. Phenomenal.

5 Something Something Cover Art

This bass line or "I Want You (She's So Heavy) should be number 1. This song's bass runs on the chorus are quite simply unbelievable. Sure, Taxman is one of the most recognizable bass lines, but if you play this song from start to finish on the bass, you will hear how Paul was a genius to write this bass line.

An incredibly well developed and beautiful bass line that perfectly complements George's soft vocals. Best parts are during the bridge (you're asking me will my love grow), and the guitar solo. - lavillaof2112

Beautiful bass line with one of the best bass melodies of all time. It shows off Paul's genius and it should be number #1

A beautiful bass line that carries the song along.

6 I Want You (She's So Heavy) I Want You (She's So Heavy) Cover Art

I love Paul's baseline in this song. And you can hear it by its self, of you listen carefully

How can this not be the best baseline? It's so good this should be #1!

So dark and driving. It gets progessively angrier the longer the song goes on. And then it stops unexpectedly. How ingenious and awesome is that. This bassline is the whole reason I love this song.

Fantastic job from Macca on this track!

7 Day Tripper

The riff is just great and the way thebass in the chorus moves the song is amazing.
It's surprising how playing only one note in the bridge works so well.

8 Dear Prudence

The Best Part Is Where Outro.. Oh My God Very Addictive

Beautiful song with the perfect bass line

This song is awesome with the beautiful vocals and harmonies, the guitar, and... Paul's bass! The do do doot the do do doot is right!

The do do doot the do do doot

9 I Saw Her Standing There

This should be #1. Listen to the song and if you can avoid tapping your toes, you're not human. The bass line is tight tight tight with the drums and grooves.

The bass line in this song is really hard to play on Beatles Rockband on Expert too, which shows how good it is!

This is my abortive Beatles bass line

Top 5 best bass line ever

10 A Day in the Life

a damn sexy bassline, and it doesn't hurt that it complements john's airy voice and ringo's expert drums fills almost perfectly.

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11 Lovely Rita

This bass line plays out like a the day in the life of a kitten getting up and stretching, playing with a ball of yarn, stretching, bowl of cream, a little catnip and then an early nap.

An amazing song, amazing lyrics, amazing bass.

I love everything about this song! Awesome bassline!

12 Oh! Darling

This bass line really compliments the songs atmosphere and backs it up with a lot of punchy notes.

13 I'm a Loser I'm a Loser Cover Art

I just love the way Paul's base line complements John Lennon's vocals as it moves through this terrific melody and lamenting lyrics. Paul McCartney is one of the world's best bass players. The way the Beatles played and sang live with such primitive equipment at the time was a true testament to their terrific live performances. Just pick up a copy of the new remastered CD or download the Beatles Live at the Hollywood Bowl. Atrue testament to their legend and legacy.

MAGICAL sound in verses

14 The Word The Word Cover Art
15 And Your Bird Can Sing And Your Bird Can Sing Cover Art

How could this be overlooked? Even the Anthology version is a standout, far above the competition.

16 Paperback Writer Paperback Writer Cover Art

Really surprised this hasn't been discussed on here. One of the best bass lines from The Beatles.

OMG MacCa what you're doing! You crash the vinyl...


17 She Loves You She Loves You Cover Art
18 Do You Want to Know a Secret Do You Want to Know a Secret Cover Art

Simple song but try not tapping your foot while listening to Paul's bass line. Right up there with I saw her standing there and please please me for the best bass lines on their first album!

Agreed, the bass line is a song in itself

19 Drive My Car Drive My Car Cover Art

Amazing bassline for an amazing song!
Beep beep beep beep yeah!

20 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da Cover Art

Such an underrated bassline

21 Baby You're a Rich Man Baby You're a Rich Man Cover Art

Probably the most overlooked.

22 This Boy This Boy Cover Art
23 Helter Skelter

Did john play bass on this?

This is the best one!

24 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Cover Art
25 Maxwell's Silver Hammer Maxwell's Silver Hammer Cover Art

Another classic bassline by the great Sir Paul McCartney

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