Best Beatles Songs With Ringo Starr In Lead Vocals


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1 With a Little Help from My Friends

Good song. - Misfire

Of course. This is such an upbeat song, and ringo's vocals are pretty good in this song.

This song was perfect for his voice - marmalade_skies

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2 Octopus's Garden

Before the Beatles depart, ringo writes a great song - marmalade_skies

Naughty lyrics and superb arrangement to a great upbeat song.

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3 Yellow Submarine

Ringo was the lead vocalist for this song?

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4 Act Naturally

I love the Buck Owens version. Ringo kind of sounds like him - westofohio

Ringo is in his element with this song - slight country flair, undeniable quirk, a jesting, self-deprecating tone... Classic Ringo.

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5 What Goes On

I like Yellow Submarine, With A Little Help From My Friends, and Octopus's Garden are better songs, but this is a solid #4. One of the top 10 Rubber Soul Songs.

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6 Don't Pass Me By

I actually love this song so much!

A great love song written by Ringo. This song is totally underrated. Whenever my iTunes comes to this song I have to turn it on repeat because it's just that good! - tcbmaggot666

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7 I Wanna Be Your Man

Unfortunately the Stones version is better than the Beatles one.

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8 Good Night

I love the way his voice sounds in this. It's so calming. - TheCuteBeatle

Lovely song. - TopTenTed

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9 Honey Don't UListen to Sample
10 If You've Got Trouble UListen to Sample

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11 Boys

Best song he sang

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12 Matchbox UListen to Sample
13 Taking a Trip to Carolina
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1. With a Little Help from My Friends
2. Yellow Submarine
3. Octopus's Garden
1. With a Little Help from My Friends
2. Octopus's Garden
3. Yellow Submarine
1. With a Little Help from My Friends
2. Octopus's Garden
3. Yellow Submarine

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